3 reasons why you should try snorkeling in cancun

3 reasons why you should try Snorkeling in Cancun

There are many places for you to practice Snorkeling in Cancun, but which are the best? Well, that answer is quite simple…

We strongly suggest you put the safety of your trip in the hands of experts! This will assure you get a chance to thoroughly explore and view everything there is in each of these hot spots.

In order to practice snorkel, the only thing you really need to know is how to swim, amazing isn’t it? So simple.

It’s an Incredible Activity

This fun-based activity is pretty simple, all you need is your basic swimming knowledge and simple equipment which is provided by our experts at Aquaworld. Gear up, because we are going to explore some of the most beautiful underwater landscapes in the world!

cancun snorkeling adventure

Things you should not do when snorkeling

As we all know, marine life is a very fragile, especially coral reefs! Which is why they are all heavily protected by several organizations and government branches that look after these gorgeous places.

You must respect all species you see, try not to touch any passerby critters or resting starfish, human contact can be very harmful to these species! And by all means, if you are feeling tired or having trouble staying a float, do not stand on the reefs, try looking for a sandy spot or go back to the boat, catch your breath and keep going.

Learn all about the underwater world by Snorkeling in Cancun

Known as one of the most attractive tourist destinations worldwide, Cancun boasts some of the most wonderful underwater landscapes. You can try snorkeling in Cancun to understand why the whole world agrees on this city to be one of the best when it comes to snorkeling. You can also take some diving courses along with the tours if you wish to explore deeper parts of the ocean. The Subsee Explorer is also a good idea if you want to meet & greet the underwater world. snorkel in cancun

No sun block allowed!

Sunblock has very harmful chemicals in it, which is why most eco-parks and other reserves or reservoirs where you can dive and snorkel have forbidden the use of them! Even if your sunblock has “biodegradable” marked on it, it’s still harmful because it takes long to actually biodegrade. They cause meaningful damage to coral reefs, so if you’re going to try snorkeling in Cancun, we strongly suggest you don’t wear any sunblock!

Visit Cancun’s Underwater Museum MUSA

If what you want is to snorkel in Cancun and be amazed at the same time, then this is a must! MUSA showcases hundreds of artificial coral reefs. What does this mean? This means that the reefs where manmade in order to reestablish the balance in our ecosystems and coral reefs. How was this done? We rounded up famous sculpture artists and placed some of their most inspiring pieces of art on the bottom of the ocean. Over 500 sculptures with live coral tissue have been slowly creating a master piece of art/nature. Some of these statues depict villagers from Puerto Morelos and other locals from the area.

snorkeling in cancun

The museum is separated into diverse sections, however the most thrilling one can be found as “The Silent Evolution” which is home to more than 400 statues, all handmade by Jason deCaires Taylor!

Cozumel Snorkel
Snorkel in Isla Mujeres

Snorkel in Isla Mujeres

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Snorkel in the Cancun Underwater Museum MUSA

Do you think you need any more reasons to practice snorkeling in Cancun? Aquaworld has a ton of tours that will satisfy everyone! From an avid hardcore scuba diver to someone who just wishes to sit back, sip a margarita and enjoy a ride through the beautiful lagoon.

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