Get Ready for Bull Shark Season and Learn to Identify These Big Fish!

While bull shark season happens in the Mexican Caribbean, it’s a good idea to learn to identify these majestic fish. Because the more you know about bull sharks, the more fun you’ll have on an unforgettable diving encounter with them. So pack the knowledge, get the diving certifications, and jump right into a thrilling adventure!

bull shark season playa del carmen cancun

The Bull Shark’s Main Traits: A Blunt Nose and an Enormous Size!

Most of all, to say a bull shark is a big fish is an understatement. Bull sharks are impressive creatures that can weigh 500 pounds and measure up to 11 feet long! Though their average length is closer to 9 feet, it’s still a significant size for a fish. Their gray-white stocky bodies are no detriment to their fast speeds as they swim underwater. And their blunt noses are the world “bull” is a defining part of their names.

Bull Sharks in Riviera Maya are Fin-tastic Creatures

Another cool feature about the bull sharks is the amount of fearsome teeth they own. With about 13 rows of teeth, they have no problem finding food in the ocean, feeding primarily on bony fish, stingrays, crustaceans, and even other smaller sharks.
In addition, a telling sign of a bull shark is the darker pigment on the tip of its fins. Their pectoral (chest) fins are very wide, their first dorsal (back) fin is triangular and much larger than the second dorsal fin. With smaller fins on the bottom of their bodies, they get extra agility as they glide to the water. And their large tail fins give them the propelling motion to get them flying at depths of 75 feet. Are you ready to join them underwater?
bull shark season diving in riviera maya group dives

Spend Bull Shark Season Diving with AquaWorld!

Finally, if you’re a certified diver looking for total adventure in the Mexican Caribbean, contact us to dive with the best! We’ll be glad to take you to the crystal-clear waters of Riviera Maya for the most memorable encounter or observation diving excursion with the bull sharks.

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