10 Reasons why you should go on a night dive in Cancún

Have you ever gone on a night dive in Cancun? We give you 10 good reasons why you should give it a chance. Diving is a wonderful way to see a whole new world you have never experienced before. But going for a night dive is a whole new dimension of diving.

Here are 10 reasons to go for a night dive in Cancun.

Cancun is one of the best destinations for night diving!

Thousands of tourists every year come here for scuba diving and night dives, go ahead and join us in this awesome excursion! As Aquaworld provides everything you may need for your night dive, make your vacation a memorable one, and don’t miss the opportunity to go for a night dive in Cancun!

Sea creatures

Many sea creatures are active only after the sunset and therefore this is a unique opportunity to see this wonderful marine life and corals in their full nocturnal beauty!

Of course the visibility is pretty different in the night dive, but you will be equipped with additional lamps so you can see the marine life around. It’s a new world!

At night some hidden truths of the underwater life are revealed. And these hidden truths are prettier than the most beautiful gems. Mollusks, crustaceans, octopus, and more sea creatures appear, while the day life creatures disappear.

What seemed to be lifeless during the day suddenly comes to life during the night. Creatures come out of the reefsrocks and vegetation.

Embrace The Darkness!

As you adjust your eyes to the darkness, you will realize that the water around you actually glows, and your movements may be traced by the phosphorescence. This happens because of the plankton present in the water and your movements which are invisible during the day.

Oh! That’s not a Plant!

Well, that will probably be one of your thoughts or un-worded expressions while night-diving. What seemed to be a beautiful plant during the day has suddenly turned out to be a moving animal! Yeah, that’s exactly the kind of surprises that a night diving has!

Get some great photos!

Some fish that you photographed underwater during the day you might now see their entire school sleeping together. And you might want to take a photo again and get a completely different viewUnderwater photography is completely different in night diving tour and it is something you don´t want to miss!

Light without Lights

Switch off your artificial lights, move your hands around and you’d have enough light to keep your lamps off. Bioluminescence is an extraordinary experience while night diving. There are certain plankton with bioluminescence which allows them to get illuminated when in motion.
night diving creatures

A Zen-istic Experience

Diving at any time is fun, but seeing those new creatures in the night light is eveven more fun. A part of your head buzzes with excitement, while another part feels relaxed, just to feel the world around you.

Sea Creatures that come to life

True that a varied sea night-life comes to life after the sunset they are also seen engaged in varied activities, which simply makes it more interesting to watch in the night dive.
While some you might see are sleeping, others can look like out on a stroll, while some might be seen mating, or trying to woo the opposite sex. Quite like humans, eh?!

Night diving safety concerns blown away by Aquaworld!

As the night dive should be carefully organized and planned, Aquaworld will make sure that all safety measures have been taken, and you can enjoy your night dive to the fullest.

You have overcome the challenge!

After the night dive many divers feel like having accomplished a great task and are satisfied. And since you have Aquaworld by your side, it all comes easy too!

Get ready for a new adventure at the bottom of the sea, Book your dive now!