14 fun facts about dolphins

Dolphins attract attention for their beauty and intelligence, for this swimming with dolphins it is so popular. Did you know these 14 fun facts about them?

Next we will mention 14 curious facts about dolphins that surely everyone will be interested in knowing before making their swim with dolphins in Cancun.

Dolphin communication

They are able to communicate with each other, using sounds of different characteristics. They have a highly developed hearing, in such a way that the sound that we hear is actually made up of about 700 different sounds, which means that it would be transmitting hundreds of messages.

They have a unique name

Each dolphin has a unique name that differentiates it from the others. This is believed since it has been seen that, when a new dolphin is born, the mother vocalizes the same sound several times, which has led us to think that she is telling him what his name is.

The breathing

These marine mammals need to surface every so often (5 to 8 minutes) in order to breathe, which they do with the blowhole, that little hole that all dolphins have.

They breathe at will

Another fact about their breathing is that their breathing is not a reflex, as in human beings, but they need to breathe at will.

They sleep with half their brain

Your brain is prepared for this, since the hemispheres are independent, being able to disconnect from each other while they sleep. This allows them to sleep and continue breathing.

They sleep with one eye open

Because one of their hemispheres continues to function while they sleep, one of their eyes will remain open, that eye will be the one on the side of the brain that is sleeping.

Group behavior

It has been seen that when one dolphin in a group is injured, the others will immediately come to help him. All of them will lift you to the surface so you can breathe.

Your skin

In order to move through the water quickly, the dolphin skin is renewed approximately every two hours.

Excellent hearing

In fact, they can tell when an object has fallen into the water. But that’s not all, they are able to differentiate the sound they make according to their manufacturing material: rubber, plastic, wax or metal.

They help fishermen

They have been seen to be able to cooperate with humans. In some places, they help fishermen, pushing the fish into their nets, in exchange for keeping some of them for food. It has even been seen that they warn the fishermen, lightly hitting the boat, when the fish approach.

The dolphin swim

They are characterized by swimming ‘riding’ the waves, in other words, entering and leaving the sea, this due to their need to get out of the water to breathe.

Their feeding

During the winter they tend to eat more amounts than in summer, this is due to the need for fat to keep warm when the water temperatures are very low.

Dolphin therapy

Dolphins help people with special needs through Dolphin Therapy. Dolphin sonar transmits high-frequency ultrasonic waves, favoring the activation of sleeping neurons and facilitating the stimulation of both cerebral hemispheres.

They lack the sense of smell

Although they have great hearing and good vision, dolphins completely lack the sense of smell. To find their prey, they make sounds in the water that allow them to locate them as if it were sonar.

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