19 years cleaning the Nizuc channel

As every year, and for 19 consecutive years, the great team of Aquaworld carries out the Nizuc canal cleaning. It is an activity that has become a habit and into an environmental plan that involves not only staff members, also to rangers, the captain of the port and citizens who wants to join this noble work for environmental conservation.

Channel cleaning takes place each year between the months of September and October, depending on weather conditions. Last year, it took place on September 20th, and we were able to gather a total of 300 kilos of garbage including waste plastic, metal, and even tires were removed.

On this occasion, we are very proud of the success of this Environmental Education since our Nizuc Channel Cleaning was the winner of the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices 2016 throughout Mexico and Latin America to position ourselves as an example of social responsibility in the sector. This only represents a greater commitment to our planet and the preservation of natural areas of our beautiful destination that is Cancun, Quintana Roo.

We invite you to see this video which briefly features the incredible work we did cleaning the Nizuc Lagoon.