Diving weights 101: How to Nail Your Buoyancy Calculations

Nailing your diving weights is as complicated as Scuba diving is breathtaking, right? There is nothing like exploring the shimmering underwater world and its inhabitants. However, it is also a pastime that to be safe requires training, certification and special gear. One important part of scuba diving is calculating the amount of weight you’ll need […]

Bull shark: everything you need to know about this incredible animal

Bull shark diving is an increasingly popular activity in Playa del Carmen, with people coming from all over the world to admire it in its natural habitat. In Aquaworld we believe that, in order to fully appreciate it and in a safer way, it is essential to know some useful bull shark facts and characteristics. In this article, […]

Top 8 Scuba Diving Myths debunked

The scuba diving community is one of the most communicative, constantly sharing information that may help others, however, scuba diving myths seem to haunt every diver. As a scuba dive center ourselves, you can’t imagine the number of doubts and questions we get day in and day out. Some of them make sense, while others […]

The Best Things to do in Playa del Carmen (tips from a local)

Playa del Carmen is located about an hour’s drive south of Cancun on the azure Caribbean Sea, smack in the middle of the Riviera Maya. Once a quiet fishing village, “Playa”, as it is referred to by locals, is a bustling city that hasn’t lost its bohemian appeal thanks to the charming pedestrian street “La […]

Interesting facts about the Mexican Jungle

The word jungle usually conjures up images of Mowgli and Baloo and that catchy ‘Bare Necessities’ song, but there are actually many interesting facts about the Jungle, especially those found in Mexico. The term Jungle means land covered with dense forest and tangled vegetation. A forest has tall trees through which little light can penetrate, and […]

Current sargassum (seaweed) conditions in Cancun, Mexico – Winter 2019 update

“What are the current seaweed conditions in Cancun,” you ask? Well, my friend, for the first time in what feels like forever I have the pleasure to announce that the beaches in Cancun and the Riviera Maya are FINALLY sargassum free! That’s right; Christmas is upon us and the first gifts of this winter 2019 […]