Meet the Underwater Photographer Luis Javier Sandoval

Take a look at the works of Luis Javier Sandoval, the award-winning underwater photographer and author of Under the Mirror. The silver medal winner as Best Art Book! Being an underwater photographer isn’t easy, it requires a very specific set of skills… and loads of patience, passion and effort. But it definitely has incredible results, just look at the best […]

Is it possible to surf in Cancun, Mexico?

Whoever said that you can’t surf in Cancun was so wrong! Just because this gorgeous destination is popular for its serene waters, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a good surf sesh. Let’s find out how! Surf in Cancun with the right weather See more: Cancun Surf Report If you’re an intermediate to advanced surfer and you’re ready […]

What is the Underwater Photography Workshop?

The Underwater Photography workshop is the 6-day boot camp that will give you the skill set to capture wonderful pictures under the water. Know all of the details and dare to expand you horizons with us. Meet your Professor This amazing Underwater Photography Course will be taught by a professional underwater and nature photographer with an abundance of international […]

6 Tips to avoid seasickness during your vacations in Cancun

Your vacations in Cancun should be a memorable experience, kind of like a dream come true. However, seasickness can turn this dream into a nightmare. We’ve prepared 6 tips to help you avoid seasickness and enjoy your vacations in Cancun to the fullest. Drink plenty of water The Caribbean is a tropical region and its temperature is always […]

Is sunscreen safe for snorkeling in Cancun?

Is snorkeling in Cancun in your summer bucket list? Don’t even try to deny it – we know it is! This beautiful destination has waters so clear and so full of life nobody can resists to take dip in them. But it also has very intense sun rays so you might want to apply plenty of sunscreen beforehand, right? […]

How do I get to Isla Mujeres from Cancun?

Are you a tourist or a local?  Either way we have the best option for maritime transportation from Cancun to Isla Mujeres. It is one of the most beautiful islands in Mexico – and the world. Located in the northern side of Isla Mujeres, is Playa Norte, it was named the best beach of Mexico and it was in […]

5 Useful Tips for tours in Cancun with Aquaworld

When visiting paradise, it is only natural to want to go on tours. They are fun experiences that create memories with your family or friends. Especially when you experience them with the biggest water sports center in Latinamerica; Aquaworld. Here are the most useful tips for tours in Cancun: Tips for tours in Cancun: Be an early […]

The Best hotels in Cancun near Aquaworld

Did you know the best hotels in Cancun are near Aquaworld? They have the best beaches, they’re all-inclusive and the service is excellent. Located between kilometer 14 and the 17 of the Cancun Hotelzone, these 6 hotels offer benefits that the ones closer to the city don’t have. Check them out and decide which one is the best for […]

6 things to do in Cozumel: Travel guide to Mexico’s 3rd biggest island

There are lots of things to do in Cozumel, this beautiful island is great for diving, swimming with dolphins… But before finding out what to do in Cozumel, you have to know how to get there, right? How to get to Cozumel Well, to get to Cozumel, you must first travel to the city of Cancun and drive over to Playa del […]

Beach Fashion Tips I Inspired by Aquaworld Cancun

Beach fashion can be tricky and packing for a Cancun vacation can be stressful. You don’t want to pack too much, or too little, and you want to look fashionable yet stay cool when you’re at the beach. You also may need to wear your beach outfit to breakfast or lunch, so you want to look presentable. […]