Visit incredible mayan ruins near Cancun!

The traditions, legends and rites that surround the ancient Mayan culture remain largely a mystery. However, they left us countless artistic, ceremonial and architectural records, such as the Mayan ruins. AquaWorld shows you a list of 5 of these magnificent archaeological sites, which you cannot miss when traveling to Cancun! Join us, and enjoy the superb […]

Where to get married in Cancun I Aquaworld is your top Cancun wedding venue

Planning a destination wedding is not easy but Aquaworld can make your dream come true. Get married under a Cancun sunset aboard a Mississippi style paddle boat.Aquaworld offers unique wedding ideas to ensure your day is one of a kind. If you’re going to get married in Cancun why not push the boat out… literally!As […]

Life-saving tips when snorkeling with glasses

Oh, snorkeling! One of the most fun and accessible ways to see the beauty of the underwater world. You are connecting with nature, keeping fit, breathing fresh air. Yes, it’s all fun and games…until you try snorkeling with glasses. Water leaking into the mask is not a pretty experience. So what is one to do if […]

What is seaweed? Is there still seaweed in Cancun?

The paradise resort of Cancun has been hitting the news lately, reporting that the beautiful beaches are full of Sargazo (seaweed) and as such, the destination is no longer the spectacular resort that is in the hearts of its millions of yearly visitors. This is not true! In this blog, we are not going to post […]

Scuba Diving while pregnant

Scuba diving while pregnant sounds like a beautiful, magical experience. But is it safe? There are many pregnancy articles to be found online but amongst all this reading material about the dos and don’ts, what to eat and what not to eat etc, some sports such as scuba diving are never mentioned. The list of ‘things not […]

What is Snorkeling? I Your Aquaworld Snorkel Guide

Let me begin by saying that if you’re just now wondering what is snorkeling, you’ve been missing out on something big. HUGE. What is snorkeling? Just the easiest, most amazing way for us humans to interact with the marvels of the underwater world (while taking a refreshing dip in the beautiful crystal waters of Cancun). […]

Boogie Board vs. Bodyboard: What’s the Difference?

Water sports are fun, and great exercise, and there are so many different types, yet some are very similar. For instance, there’s surfing, bodyboarding, boogie boarding… they are all similar, but what’s the difference? Surfing is generally assumed to be standing on a surfboard, which is quite large and has a fin on the bottom, […]

What to look for in a Scuba Center: Cancun Dive Shops

Scuba Diving is an exhilarating experience, and it’s safe, as long as all the required precautions are followed. Choosing a reputable dive center is very important, as they are responsible for minimizing any risk. Diving Mexico There is nothing like scuba diving in Mexico. The Cancun area offers coral reefs, cave diving and even wreck dives. But […]

5 Whale shark facts l your questions answered

It’s almost that time of year again! Every year locals and visitors alike wait with bated breath for these creatures to honor us with their presence. Why is the whale shark migration so special? Why do whale sharks come to Cancun? What is a whale shark anyway? Let us tell you! 5 Whale shark facts […]

Coral Safe Sunscreen I What makes it safe for reefs and humans? (part 1)

These days we are all concerned about the damage to our home, Earth. People are recycling, forgoing single-use plastic and educating themselves about what products are safe for humans and the environment. Sunscreen is one example. The ideal sunscreen is both safe for human use and for marine life. What Makes a Sunscreen Reef Safe (and Safe for Humans)? […]