Which are the best places to visit in Cancun?

Cancun is the ideal destination for those looking for an adventure like no other! traveling alone, with your partner or with your whole family. Here the activities to do and the places you can visit, are limited only by your imagination. Join us and discover wich are the best places to visit in Cancun that make […]

The Baby Whale Shark: interesting facts & FAQ’s

The baby whale shark and the adults are one of the oldest species on Earth today, thought to have developed around 60 million years ago. They have been around for a long time, yet to this day we know very little about the life and habits of this species. The unfathomable distances they travel and the impossible […]

What are the types of dolphins you can find in Mexico?

It doesn’t matter what types of dolphins you are talking about, everyone loves dolphins! These intelligent, social creatures seem to be smiling all the time, while they joyfully swim through the water and leap into the air. While most people know a thing or two about the renowned bottlenose dolphins, there are many more species that deserve […]

Cancun Weather I When is the best time to visit?

Pic: USA TodayEveryone wants perfect weather during their vacation, but there is no way to accurately predict what the weather will be like during your Cancun holiday, especially if you are planning a trip months ahead of time. However, there are definitely seasonal trends in Cancun weather. Here is what the weather in Cancun is like during the summer months… When is the best […]

Playa Del Carmen vs Cancun: Battle of the Mexican Caribbean Destinations

OK, so you know you want to go on vacation, and the turquoise blue waters and white sand beaches of the Mexican Caribbean are calling, but should you go to Playa del Carmen or Cancun? Although they are very close to each other, these two world-class vacation destinations are very different. Aquaworld is here to help you […]

SDI vs PADI: What is the difference?

There are many dive organizations in the world and SDI vs PADI is just one of the possible options you may be presented with. Choosing which dive agency you will be certified with is one of the first steps on the road to becoming an independent diver. How to choose between SDI vs PADI? SDI […]

Equalizing 101: how to pop your ears while diving

Equalizing, equalization, ear clearing, popping your ears…you may have heard it many different ways but it all refers to the same: the equalization (rendering equal) of the pressure in the sinuses and middle-ear with the ambient pressure. Though this happens naturally and involuntarily in more than one situation, yawning and swallowing, for example, this is […]

Deep sea fishing Cancun | Tips & FAQs

Thinking about deep sea fishing Cancun? Here’s some FAQ’s of this sport as well as the best tips to make the most out of your offshore fishing charter. Navigating the adventure of deep sea fishing Cancun Deep sea fishing Cancun offers the best combination of thrilling action, comfortable tropical weather and gorgeous turquoise waters: a true feast for […]

Scuba diving basics: Tips for diving in Cancun (part 1)

When learning to scuba dive there are some basic rules to follow which really make it easier to grasp the concept of diving. Once you have conquered these basics, scuba diving will be a cinch! What is the number one rule when Scuba Diving? Never hold your breath! Correct breathing is really important when scuba diving […]