6 Tips to enjoy your Cancun Fishing Charter

Fishing in Cancun is an amazing experience thanks to the diverse ecosystem and plentiful fish, but it is important to know a few basic tips to enjoy your fishing charter. Don’t get caught out, come prepared to fish! Cancun deep sea fishing charters – how to maximize the experience Once you are out in the […]

9 Amazing Fish You’ll Find In Cancun

When is fishing season in Cancun? In reality, any time of the year provides a plethora of fish, it just depends on what kind you’re looking for. AquaWorld has an expert team of fishers who are ready to give the best service to anyone looking to catch the fish that live way out in the Mexican Caribbean. […]

New Year Cancun Style, with ‘The Queen’

What’s better than ringing in the New Year in Cancun? To do so on a private boat like AquaWorld’s famous Cancun Queen. If you’re already spending New Year in the Cancun area, and you’re looking for the perfect company with whom to ring it in, look no further than the Cancun Queen.It’s AquaWorld’s Mississippi style paddle […]

What to Wear on Your Mexico Vacation: 4 Things to Consider

—This post was originally published on July 22, 2015. When you go on vacation, it’s very important to know what you’re going to wear. Obviously, you can’t go to Cancun with winter furry coats, just like you won’t go to Alaska in a bathing suit! Though Mexico is a country where the citizens dress in formal and modest clothes, depending […]

Top 6 of 2016 for Cancun’s Water Fun Experts

We, the Cancun water fun experts at AquaWorld, are looking back at our best moments of the year and can only describe 2016 as — incredible!On the last week of December, we’d like to present our best triumphs during a year that helped solidify why AquaWorld remains the premiere destination for fun around the Mexican Caribbean. […]

AquaWorld Cancun’s FlowRider Starts 2017 with a Splash

Welcome to the first FlowRider open to the public in Cancun! After a successful test ride, AquaWorld’s FlowRider debuts January 9, 2017.AquaWorld Cancun has officially kicked off an awesome 2017 by adding a long awaited activity — the FlowRider!This attraction combines the thrill of sport with unparalleled comfort and safety.And, although the more advanced riders do all […]

The Sub See: A Unique, Personalized Caribbean Experience

AquaWorld remains the only company in the Mexican Caribbean to provide one particularly special, personalized experience. It involves visiting the underwater world — without immersing your body in the water.Must be the Sub See Explorer, a boat with a glass bottom that shows a great view of the Punta Nizuc reef and all its sea creatures. ‘It’s […]

Jungle Tour — The Best Expedition Around Cancun Mangroves

The Jungle Tour remains the optimal option to explore the wonders of the Cancun mangroves and everything they have to offer. Mangroves are ‘shrub and tree species that live along shores, rivers, and estuaries in the tropics and subtropics.’ Moreover, the Cancun mangroves reward Jungle Tour takers with an immense amount of Caribbean biodiversity. ‘You go […]

7 Great Reasons for Saving Our Sharks

AquaWorld promotes diving with sea creatures such as the bull shark and the whale shark.For this reason, AquaWorld is committed to Saving our Sharks, a civic association whose mission is to ensure sharks’ populations are safe. This non-profit, based in Playa del Carmen, is dedicated to the research, conservation and management of activities with sharks in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, home […]

Kool-Ha Cenote: An Ancestral, Subterranean Universe in Riviera Maya

Snorkeling in the clear waters of Kool-Ha Cenote reveals a universe of stalagmites and stalactites.The tour guide reminds you that entering a cenote is a sacred privilege. He stresses that only the Maya monarchy, priests and warriors had access to the crystalline waters surrounded by millenary stalagmites and stalactites. Thus, by getting into these waters, you immediately […]