Flyboard and Hoverboard: What’s the difference?

The amazing Zapata Flyboard and Hoverboard have been the most groundbreaking and fun inventions to appear in the world of water sports in recent years. Combining the excitement of jetpack flying with the fun of water activities, Franky Zapata’s creations have captured the attention (and the hearts) of thrill seekers around the world. Both the Flyboard and […]

6 Do’s and Don’ts when buying used scuba gear

Ok, so you’ve decided to buy your own scuba diving equipment. Whether you are newly certified or a seasoned diver, used scuba gear may seem like a great opportunity to save some money. Buying secondhand diving equipment can either be the greatest deal of your life or the biggest mistake, the difference is knowing what to look for. We like […]

Is it safe to dive with spotted eagle rays?

Scuba diving is a breathtaking experience. Spending time with the creatures that live in the underwater world of the ocean is exhilarating, but let’s face it, there is also the possibility that it could be dangerous. HOW SPOTTED EAGLE RAYS ARE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER RAYS The spotted eagle ray is a favorite among scuba divers. This beautiful, graceful, […]

Best Places to Spot Sea Turtles in Cancun and Riviera Maya

One of the best places to Spot Sea Turtles in Cancun and Riviera Maya is, of course, in our gorgeous Caribbean Waters. Learn about some great places where you can spot or swim with these beautiful animals. You can snorkel with them and sometimes they just appear randomly as you’re scuba diving or snorkeling in Cancun or wherever in […]

5 Fun and Interesting Cancun Facts

What Cancun is known for are its white-sand beaches and azure Caribbean waters. Cancún is the number one most visited city in Latin America and the fifth most visited destination in the Americas overall, behind four United States cities. One of the most interesting facts about Cancun is that it is also ranked number 35 […]

Scuba Diving Without Certification: Can it be done?

Scuba diving without certification sounds lovely…imagine all the time and money you could save that way! Scuba diving is an exhilarating experience that makes the ocean’s underwater world accessible to us and allows us to see things that snorkeling doesn’t. Many people wonder why they have to be certified to dive. The short answer is that although scuba diving is very safe when a diver is certified, it […]

7 Easy Ways to Identify Decompression Sickness Symptoms

Feeling the onset of decompression sickness symptoms is one of those scenarios that terrify most divers. Most new and experienced divers alike have heard of decompression sickness, but not all of us really understand it or know how to properly identify its symptoms. We all can agree scuba diving is an incredible experience but, occasionally an accident or […]

9 Tourist Dos and Donts When Traveling to Cancun

We’ve got 9 dos and don’ts for tourists traveling to the beautiful Mexico destination of Cancun.  9 Essential Tips for Traveling to Cancun Make the most out of your vacation with these traveler dos and don’ts for visiting Cancun. What to Do (And What Not to Do) in Cancun: Follow these basic tips to ensure your trip is […]