Why is diving in Cancun known worldwide?

Diving in Cancun is one of the best known activities in the world, as its great underwater beauty is a work of art of nature. Everyone has ever heard of Cancun and of course why not?Cancun is a beautiful and heavenly placeIt could well be said that it is heaven on earth, because with its […]

The best tours in Cancun and its surroundings

If you visit the city you have to do some tours in Cancun to be able to enjoy and get to know this place, swim with the fish and get to know the Mayan ruins. Cancun is known for being one of the most beautiful places in all of Mexico, it has a great variety […]

Diving certifications for beginners and experts

Know the different diving certifications so you can explore the aquatic world in the best way. Have you ever wondered: what would it feel like to breathe underwater? Or what will the aquatic world be like? Well what you probably need islearn to dive. There are different ways to explore the aquatic world, because if […]

How much do you know about sport fishing?

The sport fishing It is a fascinating activity to do in the open sea or in fresh water, you will love to fish your own dinner, or fight against a gigantic fish. Have you ever wondered what sport fishing is? Well if so then you are in the right place, we are going to give […]

Swim with the whale shark!

If you will be in the Mexican Caribbean between June and September then you should plan a tour to live the best experience when swimming with him whale shark. This incredible experience can only take place at this time of year and is Cancun or the Riviera Maya the host of this friendly fish of […]

Do you know the route of the cenotes in Cancun and Puerto Morelos?

The cenote route is located very close to Cancun and Puerto Morelos, so there is no excuse not to visit the route. We know for sure that you will love it. Many are the natural wonders that surround the cenote route; Underground rivers that feed the cenotes are full of vegetation and surprising fauna that […]

Discover the 4 best beaches in Mexico

Undoubtedly one of the most visited destinations by tourists from around the world are the beaches and Mexico has the best beaches that we will present below. Throughout our beautiful country we can find beaches of all kinds, intertwined between the jungle, beaches with ancient remains or full of modernity, cold beaches or beaches full […]

What should you know before snorkeling in Cancun?

There will be people who tell you that you need a lot of experience to snorkel and this is not entirely true. If do snorkeling in Cancun it’s one of your dreams, so get ready for adventure! Snorkeling in Cancun is the best option you can take since it has very varied marine ecosystems in […]