How to be the best diving apprentice in Cancun?

If you were one of those who loved to be first in class and you are about to take your first diving classes In Cancun we give you the tips to be the best apprentice. No matter how old you are, always pay attention in class and follow the instructions of the instructors will give […]

4 best adventure tours in Cancun.

Cancun is undoubtedly one of the most paradisiacal places in the world thanks to its beaches and hot weather, but it is also considered a paradise for adrenaline lovers and we have the 4 best adventure tours in Cancun. During your next vacation in the Caribbean Sea, you have to plan a trip to the […]

Diving certifications in CPR and First Aid.

First aid and CPR is one of thediving certifications that anyone involved in diving should have, knowing how to act in an emergency in the middle of an adventure is necessary for any diver. The specialization in teaching rescue and resuscitation techniques is present at Aquaworld with the diving certifications that will make divers who […]

Live the best snorkeling in the Mexican Caribbean

If you are an expert swimmer or you are one of those who loves to be in the water, then snorkeling in the Mexican Caribbean It is an activity that will fill you with happiness. The Riviera Maya is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world and it is possible to explore […]

Best times of the year to fish in Cancun

Fishing is an activity that has large followers and fishing in Cancun It is an activity that can be done throughout the year, however there are certain times of the year when it will be more successful, if you are an amateur you should know the seasons that are in your favor. What is the […]

Get ready for whale shark season!

The season of whale shark on Women IslandWe are very happy since we are preparing everything so that next May you will be one of the first to swim with this majestic marine giant. The whale shark season is about to reach the coast of the Yucatan peninsula and from Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy and […]

Why is it important to exercise when diving?

When you have immersed yourself in the world of diving, it is necessary to stay in shape, since preparation and practice require a good physical condition. Do you know how you can maintain a good physical condition? There are many tips and benefits that diving experts give on the subject of physical health around this […]

3 tips that will improve your cenote diving experience

Cancun is known for being a place full of beauty, relaxation, sun, sand and underwater adventures and there are many ways to discover natural beauty, but none is equal to Diving in cenotes. Diving in cenotes requires a lot of control of the body, breathing and even the mind. Buoyancy the basis of cenote diving […]

Get ready for your night dive in Cancun!

If it is the first time that you are going to live the night dive in Cancun, you must prepare so that your adventure is more than fantastic. Although in any type of diving it is necessary to be prepared and know the subject, in night diving in Cancun you must have a little more […]

Xcalak Reef, the perfect place for snorkeling

This beautiful place is located south of the Mexican Caribbean coast and is a jewel for snorkeling and discovering the most beautiful reefs in the world. The Xcalak reefs are located on the lower coast of Quintana Roo, it is one of the few virgin places on the Costa Maya, although its town is little […]