Swim with dolphins: A beneficial experience

Interaction with dolphins It has become very popular in recent years, but what is it that attracts us so much about this activity with these beautiful mammals? Dolphins have been shown to be highly sensitive, friendly and highly intelligent mammals.This is because its brain is larger in proportion to its body, that is why it […]

5 beaches in Cancun ideal to visit with children

The beaches in Cancun They are wonderful places, full of attractions and activities for all ages, and that is why it has become one of the touristic destinations most popular of all Mexico when it comes to taking a good vacation. From the elderly, contemporary adults, adolescents and children, they can have great fun and […]

What is the type of fauna that inhabits the cenotes?

We know that cenotes are beautiful deep water deposits with thousands of years old and some are located in the Yucatan Peninsula, a place that has the largest extension of known cenotes, but what is the type of fauna that inhabits them? cenotes? These water reservoirs are more similar to a river than to a […]

7 amazing apps for travelers

It is important to have the best applications for travelers every time you want to get out of your routine and go on a great trip, to enjoy nature or simply to spend more time with your family. Now you will be able to know the 7 incredible applications for travelers that cannot be missed […]

How to avoid rip currents on the beach

Rip currents or return currents usually cause the highest number of rescues of bathers in the Beaches with waves, so you must know how to avoid rip currents on the beach. These strong and narrow currents move away from the shoreline and can reach speeds of up to 2.4 meters per second, making it faster […]

How are cenotes formed?

You may have heard wonders about cenotes, the flora and fauna that inhabit them, and the types that exist, but do you know how cenotes were formed? In this article we explain it to you. The cenotes, these mythical natural wonders, are geological depressions that are formed as a result of a natural process, and […]

Curious facts and recommendations to travel to Cancun

Many are lovers of the beautiful beaches of Cancun, but there are certain facts that few know, it is time for you to be one of those privileged and learn more about one of the most visited beaches in the country. Cancun is a word of Mayan origin that means “nest of snakes” is the […]

What activities can you do in Isla Mujeres?

Women Island It is a small area that has approximately 5 square kilometers, but there are many activities to do, if you prefer to relax you can do it in its fine sands or venture into some activities that will make you smile. If you are one of those who cannot stay still for a […]

Places and recommendations for fishing in Cancun

Cancun It has many places to carry out different activities for all types of tourists, in this article we will tell you about a special activity, so that you can do an incredible fishing in Cancun. Where to go fishing in Cancun? If you are a fishing lover, you can practice this activity in various […]

Underwater museum, an attraction around the world

Surrounded by marine life and an infinity of blue tones accompany most of these artistic collections in the best underwater museums in the world. The purpose of most of these museums is the proliferation of marine flora and fauna in these places. These artistic collections lie permanently submerged in different parts of the world, from […]