Sea turtles in Mexico: 5 things you did not know

Sea turtles in Mexico are one of the most interesting animals out there. On Cancun and the Riviera Maya we are especially privileged, since they come to spawn here every year. However, beyond some basic information, it is not common for us to know about these fascinating animals; That is why in this article you […]

Holbox, a surprising island in Quintana Roo

Holbox is a corner in Quintana Roo, which offers the best experience to enjoy this region of the Caribbean Sea, have a rest on these beautiful beaches and practice water activities, in addition to a gastronomy of Gods. Holbox, “dark colored lagoon” This paradise of almost 40 kilometers long by a couple of width, owes […]

The wonders you did not know about octopuses

Octopuses are one of the kings of the waters due to their particular anatomy and their skill gained thanks to evolution; Likewise, they are one of the most recognizable species among all those that make their life under the sea. But there are many things that you did not know about octopuses, and here we […]

The reefs of Cancun, magical and colorful

It is no coincidence that Cancun is known as the “Aquarium of the world”, all thanks to its marine beauty. The colorful and magical reefs of Cancun attract thousands of tourists a year for this beautiful display of nature. But do you really know what reefs are made of? What are the reefs? Reefs develop […]

10 reasons why you should learn to dive

Learning to dive and dive underwater to observe all the mysteries that it contains can be a magical experience, especially when done using diving equipment, since it greatly facilitates being able to carry out this unique activity of its kind. Want a list of reasons why you should learn to dive? In this article we […]

Advantages and disadvantages of taking a boat trip

When discussing the topic of taking a boat trip, it is essential to know the advantages and disadvantages of this incredible activity that you can do with family or friends. Without a doubt, taking a boat trip is an experience that must be lived at least once in your life, since there is nothing equal […]

5 beaches in Cancun ideal to visit with children

The beaches in Cancun They are wonderful places, full of attractions and activities for all ages, and that is why it has become one of the touristic destinations most popular of all Mexico when it comes to taking a good vacation. From the elderly, contemporary adults, adolescents and children, they can have great fun and […]

What are the types of cenotes that exist?

The cenotes that can be found in Yucatan have been considered enigmatic, beautiful and religious both by the Mayan culture and by people today, since they are closely linked to culture and the evolution of civilization. The cenotes are holes of crystalline waters that turn out to be both sources of water and recreational places, […]

Jungle Tour in Cancun, an amazing ride

The Jungle tour, snorkeling and diving are the main activities preferred by national and international tourism at the time of visit Cancun. These three activities stand out from an endless number of options that there are in the paradisiacal beaches of the Mexican Caribbean According to data released by the Cancun Nautical Association (ANC), 60% […]

Know what the atmospheres are in diving

Meet the best diving tips, to understand atmospheres in diving, and thus clearly understand what atmospheric pressure is. Although it seems strange, the air that is above us has a weight. Atmospheric pressure refers to the force exerted by the air on our bodies or a certain surface. At sea level, the atmospheric pressure is […]