How was Luis and Raúl’s wedding at Aquaworld?

Did you hear the news that approved gay marriage across the United States the 26th of June? We were glad to hear it, especially because, if you remember,Aquaworld was a sponsor of the first gay wedding in Cancun about a month ago. Raúl and Luis got married on our beautiful boat Cancun Queen while taking […]

Bacab, the sculpture by Salvador Quiroz Ennis at MUSA

In the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA) which is installed between Islas Mujeres, Cancún and Punta Nizuc It is the perfect place where the artist Salvador Quiroz Ennis, exhibits his art, his incredible sculpture entitled Bacab. The museographer is part of the select group of artists who have managed to put their works of art […]

The 5 best excursions to do from Cancun

Know the 5 best excursions to do from Cancun, because without a doubt it will give you the opportunity to know a totally new world in the company of your family and friends. Cancun not only has great hotels and a fabulous nightlife, you will also find beautiful beaches,the second barrier reef The world’s largest […]

Deep diving in Cancun, everything you need to know

Cancun invites you to practice watersports Y deep dive So you will have the opportunity to enjoy the hidden wonders of the Mexican Caribbean. The depths of the sea have ecosystems very different from those of the mainland, but to be able to admire them it is necessary to have diving experience. That’s why deep […]

MUSA, the largest underwater museum in the world

MUSA is the Underwater Museum biggest in the worldIt has also been operational since 2009 in Quintana Roo, a maritime zone that borders Cancun with Isla Mujeres. Those who dare Diving In that region, they will have the opportunity to observe more than 500 sculptures, which were created to filter the nutrients from the water […]

Know the 7 steps to diving safely

We know that diving is considered a sport and that it is always better to share that experience with your family and friends, but it is also advisable to take into account certain steps to dive safely and enjoy that ride underwater much more. A diver requires theoretical tests, practical and medical, but mainly it […]

Tips for diving in sunken ships

One of the most interesting and demanded activities in the Mexican Caribbean area is being able to dive in sunken ships, because without a doubt you will discover a completely different world. The region and its various shipwrecks make it possible to carry out this activity in your visit to Puerto Morelos. Divers call this […]

The 4 best reefs to visit in Cancun

One of the most amazing natural creations given by its colorful beauty and its marine diversity are the best reefs to visit in Cancun. Unforgettable natural settings are interspersed with hundreds of specimens of turtles, snails, lobsters, dolphins and thousands of species that make the region unique. The Great Mayan Reef, which unfolds in the […]

The 10 best beaches in Quintana Roo

The beaches of Quintana Roo allow you to enjoy the sun, the sand and the exuberant turquoise color of the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Many magnificent landscapes can be found throughout the Quintana Roo coast. This entire geographical area allows endless options in aquatic matters, in addition to providing unique landscapes and places to […]

How to dive a coral reef

In Cancun you will find the most beautiful beaches to dive and marvel at the beautiful coral reefs and have fun with the family, but how to dive in a coral reef? All the best tips are in this article. The diving practice, generally during holidays, it will allow you to discover a fascinating world […]