Discover Scuba plus two incredible activities

If it is the first time you dive the package Aquaworld Discovery It gives you the most complete experience where you will take the Discover Scuba plus two extra activities so you can have the most fun. Doing recreational activities in water always turns out to be an incredible experience and there is a great […]

Scuba diving tour for beginners

A diving tour For beginners, it is perfect for those who have never had the opportunity to do this activity before in the incredible waters of the Mexican Caribbean. The experience of knowing the life of the depths of the sea is unique, something that can be achieved with diving, however, if you do not […]

Diving in Mexico, a unique experience

The Diving in Mexico offers the opportunity, both for national and foreign tourists, to admire the wonders that the Caribbean Sea offers. Do you want to enjoy this unique experience? Let’s see what Aquaworld can offer you. Diving in Mexico, an activity to enjoy in a group Diving is an activity to be carried out […]

Diving tour in Cancun, what can you expect?

There is definitely no better place than Cancun or the Riviera Maya to have your first diving tour. It is a unique experience in which you can come into contact with marine life. However, if you have never done it before, it is normal to have many doubts and fears. So if you are wondering […]

The best family tours in Cancun

Aquaworld offers the best Cancun family tours that you can do in the company of your children making your trip an unforgettable experience. Aquaworld offers the best family tours in Cancun for people who are on vacation with their children such as: day trip to Isla Mujeres, day trip to Cozumel, boat trip in Cancun, […]

Paradise Subsee, a glass bottom submarine

The beauty that exists under water can rarely be admired and one of the safest ways is to have a unique experience with Paradise Subsee. Dive into the depths of the sea at the Paradise Subsee, which due to its characteristics, allows people of all ages to have a unique experience without having to do […]

Diving in Cancun with your GoPro camera

There is nothing comparable to the experience of diving in Cancun with your gopro camera. Be in direct contact with the life that exists under the sea and capture those moments, in videos or photographs, to remember them and share them with your family and friends who did not travel with you. Tips to dive […]

14 fun facts about dolphins

Dolphins attract attention for their beauty and intelligence, for this swimming with dolphins it is so popular. Did you know these 14 fun facts about them? Next we will mention 14 curious facts about dolphins that surely everyone will be interested in knowing before making their swim with dolphins in Cancun. Dolphin communication They are […]

Prepare to dive for the first time

get ready for dive for the first time in the seas of Cancun and live a unique experience. Here are the things you should know and do to go diving for the first time. Where to go diving? This will be the first question that you will have to answer and we recommend that you […]

How are coral reefs formed?

A coral reef is a rocky structure, found on an underwater platform, that has been formed by the skeletons of corals and other marine organisms. Corals are made up of small beings known as polyps and, similar to anemones, they usually live in groups called ‘colonies’. Coral polyps are located at the bottom of the […]