3 best scuba diving tours in Cancun

Diving in Cancun is definitely one of the best activities to take, if your dream is to witness these heavenly waters to their full extent. So we partnered up with Expedia Canada to bring you the 3 best scuba diving tours in Cancun.

What’s so special about Cancun diving?

When we talk about tourist sites in Mexico, Cancun undoubtedly falls into the number one category. For many, Cancun is considered one of the best beach locations in the world for a vacation, whether it’s to relax on the warm beaches of immaculate sand or to enjoy an aquatic activity, give an extra twist to your rest days!

Diving fanatics are always on the lookout for a new location to visit; something never seen before, a new experience to add to their log book. Cancun diving often gets overlooked as a prominant dive location. Perhaps it’s because of the Spring Break reputation the destination gained during the 80’s and 90’s.

This northern city within the state of Quintana Roo offers hundreds of activity options and Aquaworld ensures a different touch, whether be it in or out of the water. Did you know diving is our specialty? Not only for certifications but we have taken thousands of divers on recreation dives since the 1980’s.

Enjoy Cancun’s Underwater Museum (MUSA)

No doubt, your first Cancun dive should be a visit the Cancun Underwater Museum.
There has been so much talk about this man-made reef over the years and if you have seen photos of the statues when they were originally sunk, now is a good time to go back and see the difference.
Due to the high demand, we offer daily departures to this dive site.

The main attraction is the amazing ‘Silent Evolution’ (an exhibition of more than 400 statues). Other key statues to be seen, include the ‘Burning Man’ and the ‘Dream Collector’. Years on, coral has started to grow. Even some of the facial features have been covered by different colored coral and algae, making them look a little disfigured and creepy!

Interesting fact: the statues were placed in the form of an eye, mainly to protect them from inclement weather such as hurricanes.

Choose between a 1 tank dive to MUSA only, or a two tank dive which includes a second dive to a reef called Manchones. Lots of sea life, turtles and colorful coral await you. 
Notably, the picture becomes even more beautiful after watching thousands of fish and aquatic animals such as turtles, making it a unique place to dive.

Night diving for a different perspective

If you would like to experience a different underwater perspective, you should have a go at the night dive. The guides will provide you all necessary equipment including a flashlight. That small piece of gear will be your only illumination in total darkness, all whilst at a depth of 9 meters.

The special thing about this dive is not only the fact that you can only see a few feet away, but also you will be astonished at the array of sea creatures that come out at night. It makes sense, as a lot of ground animals only appear at night, to hunt etc. So it’s the same in the ocean, it’s just they look eerier underwater for some reason.

Nocturnal marine animals are used to having increased activity once the sun goes down so their behavior is totally different from other fish and sea critters. During this dive you will appreciate the splendor of animals like octopus, lobsters, moray eels and other species. Scuba diving at night in Cancun, is an opportunity not to be missed.
This dive includes increased bottom time as it’s a one tank dive and you can dive longer than a regular dive. 

Cavern and cenote diving

Another unconventional option for scuba diving in Cancun is the caves and cenotes such as Tajma Ha.
The best part of this expedition is to observe the reflection of the sun coming through small cracks in the caves causing a dramatic visual effect. Parts of the caverns are open and others are closed, but as you can always see the exit, this is what classifies the dive as a cavern dive rather than a cave dive.

Observe and enjoy the stalactites and stalagmites that surround and cover the roofs of the caves, you will feel that you are in a world apart. There are literally thousands of underground rivers, caves and caverns in the Riviera Maya, reknown for their individual characteristics for scuba diving. Cancun is only a stone’s throw from the Riviera Maya, so it’s well worth making the trip if you’re in the area.

All you will need to take part in these 3 best scuba diving tours in Cancun is the Open Water certificate. Some dives such as the night and cavern dives are considered advanced, so check the criteria for theses dives first. Usually you just need to have dove within the last two years. Unfortunately these dives in Cancun are not open to junior certified divers (with the exception of the MUSA dive).

So if you are looking for the best dive experiences of your lifem now you know where to come!

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