3 reasons to snorkel in Cancun

If there is a possibility that you practice snorkeling in Cancun You must have certain knowledge so that you take advantage of all the experience.

There are different places in Cancun and the Riviera Maya for you to do this incredible activity, we recommend you approach the professionals who will guide you step by step.To snorkel this winter vacation, all you need is to know how to swim, incredible right?

An amazing activity

This fun activity is a form of diving, but with a big difference, all you need is to know how to swim and have a good physical condition, in diving you need other knowledge and some experience to do the dives. Snorkeling in Cancun is done superficially and diving can go to great depths.

What not to do when snorkeling?

The marine life of Cancun and the Riviera Maya are protected, because the coral reefs are really fragile, for this reason there are organizations that protect these species and all those that inhabit the sea.
You must respect all species such as fish, starfish and coral reefs, avoid touching them and for no reason should you remove them from their natural habitat.

Don’t use sunscreen or sunscreen

Sunscreens in their entirety significantly harm reefs, fish, and marine species; Even if they are biodegradable, they take too long to degrade, so if you are going to take a snorkeling tour in Cancun, don’t use them.

Get to know the marine world thanks to snorkeling in Cancun

Cancun is known as one of the tourist attractions of Mexico with beautiful underwater landscapes, these can be reached by snorkeling in Cancun, in diving this is done but you must dive much deeper or approach the Subsee Explorer that takes you to know the marine world aboard a submarine.

Visit the Cancun Underwater Museum

If you want to do it is to snorkel in Cancun and get to know a little more about this paradisiacal place, then you must dive to get to know the Cancun Underwater Museum, this museum presents hundreds of natural and artificial reefs of incredible colors and shapes as well as thousands of fish of all sizes and colors, but the protagonists of this museum are all life-size sculptures donated by great and talented artists.

The MUSA has different rooms where you can snorkel in Cancun and marvel at this work of nature and man in one.

Do you need more reasons to want to snorkel in Cancun? Aquaworld It can offer you all kinds of tours so that you can take this activity to practice and nobody will tell you how phenomenal this experience is, lose your fear and go snorkeling in Cancun will surely be incredible.