3 reasons to visit Playa del Carmen

Carmen beach It is a very popular city around the world, it is a success for both locals and foreigners for three reasons that we will present below.

The fifth avenue in Playa del Carmen

The main street of Playa del Carmen, known as Fifth Avenue, runs parallel to the coast of Playa del Carmen and is also considered a walkway, the avenue is lined with all kinds of activities in the city. Hotels, hostels, luxury apartments, bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, nightclubs is something you will find, this avenue seems to have no end. To cover fast food or souvenir services, Avenida Juárez is an avenue that intersects With La Quinta, in this you will find all kinds of goodies for the trip to Playa del Carmen.

Its beautiful beaches

An obvious reason to visit Playa del Carmen is nothing more and nothing less than its beaches. These beautiful beaches, like all those of the Caribbean Sea, are perfect to take a few days of relaxation, sunbathe, a drink and enjoy in all its splendor the Caribbean Sea and the fine white sand that characterizes Playa del Carmen.

The northern section of the beach is recommended to enjoy relaxed, since the southern part has a higher tide and greater waves.If you decide to walk along the beach, you will notice

rás that along the coast of Playa del Carmen there are an infinity ofbeach clubs, bars, discos, restaurants and much more to enjoy with the best company.

Visit the ecoparks

The ecoparks that are in the Riviera Maya are very close to Playa de Carmen, entertainment, fun and many outdoor activities are possible in them.

Xcaret Park

This famous park is practically the Yucatecan Disneyland, full of nature, wildlife, dolphins, turtles, exotic birds and much more are found in this beautiful park that is undoubtedly full of the magic of the Mayan Culture.
Xcaret has the perfect facilities for swimming or snorkeling and diving.

Xel-Ha Park

Another ecological park is a natural aquarium in a beautiful natural lagoon. You can snorkel in the middle of schools of tropical fish, live with dolphins and turtles that welcome their natural habitat. This beautiful park exposes nature at its best, giving fun and entertainment to its visitors.