3 tips and places to experience good diving in Cancun

You want to dive; explore a hidden world of emotion, color and pleasure, who doesn’t? The diving in Cancun It is a wonderful sport, as with any sport it has rules and guidelines.

Our trained instructions at Aquaworld are there to help you have the best possible experience, if you have never practiced the diving experience before you can start by preparing yourself so that your experience is ideal.

You could even consider certifying yourself in this activity, there are experienced divers as excellent guides on this tour since they know excellent dive sites in Cancun, that is why we recommend some tours from Aquaworld.

Diving in the Underwater Museum of Art

Cancun offers delicious destinations to practice diving, one of the opportunities that are full of magic, art and nature is provided by the Underwater Museum of Art The famous MUSA Here the snorkeling or diving experience in Cancun is unmatched since art is fused with the creation of artificial reefs as well as hundreds of fish of wonderful colors.

Diving in Cancun, discover the cenotes

If, on the other hand, you want to know the bottom of the cenotes, this is possible by taking one of the tours that Aquaworld offers you. Depending on where you are in Cancun, you can dive with experts, who will take you to discover water caverns. sweet for the best places. No matter where you go, it is essential that the diving equipment has the highest specifications to enjoy the diving experience in Cancun.

Night dive

The whole panorama changes when you immerse yourself under the waters of Cancun at night, it is possible to live this experience, the adventure begins at sunset and you will be exploring much of the night, it is very important to be attentive and concentrated and not let go of your equipment for anything. Throughout this diving experience in Cancun, you will discover very vivid and vibrant colors and the formations of the reefs will change thanks to the shadows caused by artificial lighting. Besides that wonderful nocturnal creatures will be present in your walk.

3 tips to improve your diving experience in Cancun

Keep your mask clear

Before diving it is necessary that you enter with all the equipment more than ready, before entering clean the mask with baby shampoo or antibacterial gel, this will prevent it from fogging throughout the trip. If at some point the mask becomes foggy and you have the opportunity to remove the mask you can clean it with a little saliva, it is not very hygienic but it is an option that works.

Be patient when putting on the suit

Putting on the suit requires patience, the material of the suit can sometimes be sticky so a good tip to make it slip is to apply a little baby shampoo or use plastic bags, in this way you will avoid resistance or friction of the neoprene.

Carry all your dive gear the smart way

Carrying full gear underwater can inhibit any diver’s swimming style, but it is essential to have all the tools that can safely be used underwater.

Use cable ties and secure objects such as a camera, lamp or extra tank to your thigh or arm, avoid carrying items that could disable your diving experience in Cancun. Aquaworld guides will be able to give you the advice you need.

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