3 Tips to gain confidence when scuba diving

You’re all set. You have suited up, prepared all your equipment down to the last, perfect detail, you have made sure to connect everything to its right valve, checked the tank pressure and are ready to go to the boat or walk into the water for your dive.

Even though you have prepared and the ocean excites you, you still feel a little anxious at every dive. So what can you do to gain more confidence in scuba diving?

The saying goes: “Knowledge is power” and that was never as true as when applied to scuba diving. Knowledge is power and security when going down under. Here we’ll share 3 quick tips to help you gain confidence when scuba diving – whether you’re just staring out or you have a couple of dives under your belt.

Getting confidence


There’s a certain security gained when you have prepared all you can for your dive. This training begins with your first course which will set the foundation for your life at sea. A good course and a good dive master will leave you with all the skills necessary to dive anywhere with security and the knowledge that you know your duties before heading into the water. Before your dive, be sure to get a good night’s sleep as this will help you to think clearly. Diving on an empty stomach or too full of a stomach is also a bad idea. Eat a good, light meal to help keep your energy up and your head straight. It also goes without saying: don’t dive drunk or high.


The best think you can do under any situation is to breath, control it and calm down. Panicking can cause you to make mistakes and have mishaps during your dive. Remember that panicking causes you to consume your oxygen faster. Keep breathing steadily. Incorporate meditation or yoga into your routine to help you control your nerves when you’re under water. Being relaxed and able to keep your cool will keep your mind clear and able to handle stressful situations. This ability to maintaining the calm with help you gain more confidence when scuba diving. Voice your concerns before heading into the water, clear all your doubts and if you’re the calm one in your group, help others feel the same, especially newbies.

scuba diving confidence

3.- DIVE

It’s true what they say… practice makes perfect. Find your tribe, trust them, and head for the water. The more you head into the water, the more you’ll fall in love with scuba diving and gain more confidence. Keep diving and you’ll be sure to want to do the next course to continue your diving education through the advance open water course or find a specialty like underwater photography. The more knowledge you gain, the more confidence you’ll gain, the more love you’ll have for your new-found hobby.

Share your insider tips. What do you do to keep your cool when diving?