4 beautiful cenotes in the Riviera Maya

The cenotes of the Riviera Maya They are a unique place to enjoy and explore these unique places, it is possible that these beautiful places are the scene of unique moments and unforgettable memories.

The cenotes spring from falling cave ceilings that have accumulation of liquids Underground where blue water reservoirs were formed that can be of low or high depth, were are and still are sacred places of the Mayans.

The Cenotes of the Riviera Maya are the heart of the state of Quintana Roo, and they give us incredible sensations when swimming in them, their transparent waters or incredible turquoise blue tones have relaxing properties, showing that Mother Nature offers us beautiful opportunities for enjoyment.

Enjoying this beautiful experience should not be individual since the view that you can find inside this wonder must be appreciated with friends and family. Listening to the birds sing and the echo of the beautiful place that nature gives us is something that we cannot see, feel and appreciate in other places.

That is why we make you know a list of cenotes that you can visit on your next visit to Quintana Roo.

Tajma Ha one of the best cenotes in the Riviera Maya

Taima Ha is located south of Playa del Carmen, exactly 26 km from the highway, one of the best cenotes in the Riviera Maya. This site is recommended for people who practice snorkeling since the view in the depth is inconceivable, the swimmer must venture 5 meters deep under the water, with stone walls, to go to an open cave with lights that illuminate the place from above. It has a restaurant to enjoy this wonderful place with the family.

Great cenote with transparent springs

At a distance from Tulum it is one of the most popular in the area, its crescent shape allows it to be visited by people of all ages, since it has shallow parts where you can enjoy the experience of snorkeling to parts with great depth where you can venture to dive.

It has the benefit of having very good facilities such as, for example; parking, diving and snorkeling equipment rental. A unique place to enjoy with the family.

Cenote Sac Tun

Know this place you will not regret it is considered one of the best Cenotes in the Riviera Maya, where you will enjoy unique stalactites and stalagmites.

A cave with great lighting. Where the tour of its luminous waters is approximately one hour with a guide who provides you with equipment for your protection.

The name of this great place is thanks to the interior that means ‘White Cave’ this place is the second largest in the world with its 176 km of geological path that has undoubtedly been explored for your enjoyment.

Cenotes Two eyes

It is located in the Riviera Maya north of Tulum, very close to Playa del Carmen. It is safe and fun, an amazing irreplaceable dive site where you will enter caverns in which the clarity is excellent, it is a right place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty.

It only has bathroom facilities and changing tables, on the contrary if you want to enjoy a snack you must take it from home since here you will not find restaurants or stores nearby.Visit the cenotes of the Riviera Maya, because more than an attraction they are Mayan sacred sites that are They lend you to interact with nature.