Not Just Diving: 4 More Incredible Things To Do in Cozumel

—This post was originally published on November 30, 2015.

Ah, the things to do in Cozumel. The choices abound, so where do you start when you’re surrounded by nature in the paradise island of your dreams?

The obvious answer is diving, of course! The largest inhabited island in Mexico is renowned for colorful coral reefs and sea creatures that thrive in these clear Caribbean waters. Plus, only by diving can you explore stunning tunnels, rock formations and limestone walls.

Not certified yet? Don’t worry, you can get your diving certificates when you’re on the island, getting you closer to discovering the hidden jewels inside Cozumel’s underwater world.

Diving in the clear waters of Cozumel allows great visibility of incredible marine creatures.

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However, if diving is not quite your passion, you’re still going to find it hard to get bored on this island.
Even the ferry ride from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel will inspire you with excellent views of the Caribbean coast.

Without further ado, here are four more incredible things to do in Cozumel!

1. Have Fun at the Chankanaab National Park


This outdoor park offers a plethora of activities, from chilling on the beach to encountering dolphins to diving. The Chankanaab National Park provides a pleasant visit and its grounds are perfect for both exploring and relaxing. The park is a getaway for families with small children and amateur divers seeking to grow their diving skill set!

With your entrance, you get full beach access and an incredible dolphin and sea lion show! Regarding the beach, a great tip is to get there early and find yourself a palapa (palm-covered hut). It’s one of the best ways to relax on this gorgeous beach. Chankanaab park is open every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Among many of the things to do in Cozumel, this is one of the most fun and complete experiences.

2. Explore the San Gervasio Ruins


This shrine used to be a gathering point for women who paid tribute to the goddess of fertility and love, Ixchel. Take a brief tour of these ruins, they’re part of a very magical place and the guides there will tell you everything about the history behind these ancient Mayan relics.

For this adventure, we recommend leaving the flip flops in your hotel room. Bring along something perhaps a little more ‘protective’ because you’ll be walking on sand mixed with rocks for most of the tour.

3. Encounter Nature at South Point Eco-Park


If you seek wildlife and awe inspiring nature, then a trip to Faro Celerain must be on your list. Another name for this place is Parque Punta Sur (South Point Eco-Park). It shelters around 2,500 acres of local species, including exotic fish, birds, crocodiles and more.

On El Caracol Mayan ruins, you can find a maritime museum! And while you’re there, try taking a dip in  the calm waters of Laguna Colombia, it’s a refreshing experience. To get the best out of this trip and all the things to do in Cozumel, feel free to ask us for more info at any time.

4. Visit the Cozumel Museum


Cozumel is not just your Hollywood-style paradise island, it’s also a place rich in history. In downtown San Miguel, you’ll find one of the most interesting things to do in Cozumel — the Museo de la Isla de Cozumel (Cozumel Island Museum), a former luxury hotel.

Today, it showcases exhibits that display the ecosystems of the island, along with topics regarding local development and conservation. On the second floor of the museum, you’ll find many Spanish and Mayan artifacts. There’s also an exhibit on Cozumel’s 20th century cultural development.

The museum is perfect because it won’t take long to thoroughly explore it all, leaving time for water sports and beach fun. You can also enjoy a meal in the museum’s restaurant. The Cozumel Museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Looking for More things to do in Cozumel? How About a Day Trip!

If you want to enjoy this list of things to do in Cozumel, AquaWorld has a top-notch day trip to Cozumel just for you. The journey departs from the Hotel Zone in Cancun and makes stops at all-inclusive hotels and resorts before getting to the ferry dock located in Playa del Carmen.

You’ll start off with a 1-hour cruise over to the island of Cozumel. Upon arrival, you’ll have 7 hours to do as you please on the island before taking the trip back to your hotel. While you’re there, feel free to check out some of the things to do in Cozumel from our list.

The Cozumel day trip is perfect for the whole family and also includes lunch at La Mision, a restaurant in the downtown area. Beer and drinks are also included, as is drop-off at your hotel when you return to Cancun. So just relax all day and make the best out of your vacation in Cancun and Cozumel.