4 tips for the best snorkeling in Cancun

With these 4 tips for the best snorkeling in Cancun you will be more than ready to enjoy the variety of snorkeling tours found in Cancun to learn more about the flora and fauna.

Snorkeling is a relaxing and fun way to discover the underwater world, you just have to place a transparent mask with a tube to breathe and get an excellent guide to take you through the secrets of the sea.

Have a good start with the proper snorkeling gear

The main thing so you have a good experience snorkeling in Cancun, is that you get the right equipment.

In Cancun there are companies like Aquaworld that offer snorkeling and scuba diving tours, among others, that give you the right snorkeling gear with a high quality and excellent price.
Just try on the equipment and adjust the straps until it fits well. Do you wear glasses? Tell the instructor so you get equipment that fits and you can bring them underwater.

When you have put the mask and the snorkel tube is in your mouth, place your face above wáter and start enjoying the wonders of the Mexican Caribbean. It is important to follow the directions of the instructor, since your security depends on it.

Keep the air tube without water

In this step the instructor will tell you to breathe with caution because you might get some water in the snorkel tube during the tour.

This may be due to waves or perhaps because you’ve plunged too much. Ask te guide to show you how to unclog the snorkel to avoid discomfort. You can do this blowing air strongly through your mouth to expel any water inside your snorkel.

Dive enough

Once you’ve taken snorkeling practice you can learn to dive; you just have to inhale deeply and swim down. When you want to breathe just come to the surface and clear the snorkel tube. If you have questions you can rely on the snorkeling tour instructor.

Keep the fins inside the water when you kick

The use of fins will allow you to expand your movements underwater and move faster, so you won’t need to give many kicks.

Keep your arms at the sides and legs must go together. In case you have problems, ask the instructor. The fins should go underwater every time you kick.

The best places for snorkeling in Cancun

Among the best places to snorkel you can find the Cancun Underwater Museum, with more than 470 life-size sculptures; Isla Mujeres, a fishing community of just five miles and Punta Nizuc, a coral reef which is home to turtles, lobsters, algae and corals.

A little bit further of Cancun you can find Cozumel island, where you can snorkel or scuba dive in one of the most vibrant landscapes of the area.

This island is home to colorful fish and pristine gardens. In Aquaworld we offer a day trip to meet Cozumel with snorkel.