5 activities you should do when traveling to Cancun

Summer has come with all the glory, fun, and lots of sunshine and it’s time to go on vacation. Traveling to Cancun and having an experience worthy of showing off is possible if you do any of these activities.

The coasts of Mexico have very attractive destinations and provide many opportunities to go on adventures, as well as relax and enjoy your stay in this paradisiacal destination.A list of the five activities you can do when traveling to Cancun will make a difference for you. have a vacation full of fun, relaxation and many adventures.

If you are traveling to Cancun, you should take note of these incredible activities

Snorkelling with whale sharks

If you will be in the Yucatan peninsula for the months of June and until August, swimming with the whale shark is one of the activities you must do. The elegant diving with the largest fish in the world is one of the most majestic activities.
Aquaworld organizes excursions with trained instructors that will make you enjoy this experience in an incredible, fun and safe way.

Do good without looking at who!

It is possible that while you are enjoying the sand and the rich rays of the sun, you will see a baby turtle walking towards the sea, if you want to help it reach its destination, notify any security element on the beach or some hotel, they are trained to reach the ocean safely.

If during your vacations you feel like helping nature you can join in the baby turtle liberation, this activity requires registration and is under the eyes of experts in this species.

If you want your children to participate in this activity when traveling to Cancun, then you must call the Cancun ecology office where they will give you an appointment to go to release turtles together with your little ones.

Dive in cenotes

It is a reality that the heat is somewhat extreme in this season of the year, there is little wind that you will feel unless you are in the open sea, to avoid feeling that the sun burns you you can immerse yourself in a cenote and enjoy fresh wells of fresh water while diving.Performing this activity will give you the opportunity to observe the amazing formations that have been created on the roofs of these incredible places. The beautiful stalactites and stalagmites have been created for millions of years thanks to the accumulation of calcareous dust.

Ideally, an expert in diving is your guide so that you can enjoy yourself safely, Aquaworld has different diving tours that you should take when traveling to Cancun It is important that you respect everything you find inside the cenotes, avoid touching absolutely anything you find there.

Meet the MUSA

This activity is a must when it comes to water activities, the Cancun Underwater Museum of Art, It has the most beautiful sculptures that you will only know when diving or snorkeling.
More than 500 statues they are responsible for contributing a lot of art and artificial reefs to the seas of Cancun and Isla Mujeres.

Visit archaeological sites

If you want to visit places out of the water, then knowing the Mayan culture is the activity that will perfectly complement your trip. Mexico has some of the most important ruins in the ancient Mayan world; Chichen Itzá is a destination that is a UNESCO world heritage site and is one of the seven wonders, you will surely be amazed!

Tulum, is one of the destinations that outside of Cancun will give you a feeling of magic since it is a group of sites connected to a central pyramid.