5 beaches in Cancun ideal to visit with children

The beaches in Cancun They are wonderful places, full of attractions and activities for all ages, and that is why it has become one of the touristic destinations most popular of all Mexico when it comes to taking a good vacation.

From the elderly, contemporary adults, adolescents and children, they can have great fun and enjoy, every second, their stay in the cenotes, which are magical places; In addition to this, the whole family can simply relax and unwind worry-free.

These are the 5 beaches in Cancun ideal to visit with children

So if you plan to go from family vacations to a beach destination, now we will present you the ideal beaches in Cancun to visit with children, since they have mild waves, good visibility and the ideal environment for you and the children to have a great time.

Langosta Beach

Just 5 km. From the Hotel Zone is Playa Langosta, with very low and calm waters (with almost non-existent waves), which makes it seem similar to a very large pool, being possible to walk without problems deep into the beach without needing to swim , which is ideal when traveling with children who are very young or cannot swim yet.

Beach The pearls

This is one of the best beaches in Cancun to visit with children, which is a little over 2 km from the Hotel Zone; It is a small beach, with games for the smallest of the house, public toilets, calm waters with little waves, parking and there is even a place with books that can be read at no additional cost, only with the condition of taking care of them.

Caracol Beach

This public beach is located 9 km from the Hotel Zone of Cancun, and it is ideal for children who already know how to swim, since it is a quiet beach, without many vendors and small, it is one of the best beaches in Cancun to enjoy with the family and perform snorkel, because they are crystal clear waters that will allow you to see all the marine fauna that exists.

Beach Turtles

It is located about 6 km from the Hotel Zone, this beach has craft shops, restaurants and self-services, as well as public toilets and parking. It is usually a very quiet beach to visit with children, despite not being wide. From here it is possible to go for a boat trip or even get to Women Island.

Gaviota Azul Beach

This beach has somewhat moderate waves, and is for all those who are looking for a quiet beach, quite wide, and even has an area where almost no waves arrive.This beautiful beach is located a little more than 9 km from the Hotel Zone , so it is ideal for the whole family to have fun without worrying about an accident and just have a good time in this beach environment.

Best of all, these beaches in Cancun are very close to many hotels and are publicly accessible, so that you and the whole family can have fun safely and with all the comforts without driving to a distant distance and without spending additional money.