5 fabulous places to visit in Cancun and its surroundings

Get to know the best places to visit in Cancun and enjoy your visit to the fullest in this beautiful Caribbean place.

Sun, sand and beach, but not just any beach since in Cancun they are the best beaches in Mexico with its fine white sand, with its beautiful turquoise color in the sea and with the radiant sun that makes Cancun the perfect place to vacation.

In Cancun there are endless activities to do in and out of the water, for adventurers or lovers of tranquility so don’t worry, this place has it all for sure it will please you.

But first know the places to visit in Cancun and thus discover what activities to do in each of them, plan your vacation well.

Beaches One of the best places to visit in Cancun is the beach and this beautiful place has 7 beaches certified with the distinctiveBlue flag, in which different aspects such as water quality and the services they offer are evaluated.

You can perform a wide variety of beach activities like sunbathing, swimming and even surfing if the waves allow it.

For adventure enthusiasts there are open sea activities such as the Aquatwister where adrenaline runs through your body as you go on a speedboat and at some point the captain brakes abruptly and spins quickly and then accelerates again.

Although if you like to take control of the speed you can rent a Waverunner and sail in the Caribbean Sea riding the waves and enjoying a spectacular view from the sea.

Archaeological zones

The Yucatan Peninsula is known for its Mayan cultural richness and its great archaeological sites.

One of the places to visit in Cancun are the archaeological sites, the closest to the city are El Rey which is located in the Hotel Zone on Boulevard Kukulcan at kilometer 9.7 The other nearby archaeological site is El Meco which is only 8 miles north of downtown Cancun.

Although the most surprising ruins are those of Tulum since they are the only ones in the world that are on the shores of the sea, they are a very important cultural heritage.


A must-see place to visit in Cancun is a cenote, these crystal clear water wells found in the jungle are a magnificent place that you have to know.

In the peninsula there is the largest number of cenotes in the world, if you have the opportunity then you have to travel the cenote route.

On the cenote route, there are different types of cenotes: open, semi-open, cavern and ancient, all to carry out some special activity.


The Nichupté lagoon offers the opportunity to carry out various activities in its fresh and warm waters.

If you are an adrenaline lover you can do the Jungle Tour which consists of a tour aboard a speedboat where you are the driver, driving through the mangroves of the lagoon until you reach Punta Nizuc where you can snorkel in the second largest coral reef in the world.

Although if you are of calmer tastes you can take a boat trip while enjoying the sunset.

Markets and Squares

One of the places to visit in Cancun is Plaza La Isla, which is one of the most beautiful in the entire city where you can find designer stores, Mexican crafts and a great variety of food.

Although if Mexican handicrafts and souvenirs are what you are looking for then you have to visit Mercado 28 which is full of souvenirs, key rings, shirts and other handicrafts to take home.Here you can also find works of art by local artists who offer them to a very low price, do not miss the opportunity to take a unique piece as a souvenir.