5 Great Hacks for Scuba Divers

Are you an avid scuba diver and have your own equipment? Even if you are a professional and have been scuba diving for years we are sure these 5 great hacks will make your scuba diving experience much easier.

You want to dive and explore a hidden world of excitement, color and pleasure, who would not? Scuba diving is a wonderful sport and in Cancun and the Riviera Maya there are many gorgeous places for you to enjoy.

Our trained instructors at Aquaworld will be there to assist you so you can have the best diving experience possible. If you have never dived before, the Discover Scuba Course is perfect to get you started into the diving world.

Experienced divers have a number of excellent dive sites to choose from. Cancun offers an underwater delight in our unique Underwater Museum – MUSA.

This eco project was started in 2009 and now consists of over 470 life sized statues. We also have cavern diving and fabulous night dives. The equipment, prices and safety at Aquaworld are excellent so you can experience your dive knowing we are taking good care of you.

High Quality Dive Equipment with Aquaworld

Of course you can use your own equipment but in case you do not have it on your vacation in Cancun, Aquaworld has high quality equipment available for use to save you the trouble.  Our 5 Great Hacks for scuba divers can make your diving experience more streamlined whether you are a beginner or experienced diver.

5 Hacks for scuba divers:

Keeping your mask clear

Spitting into your mask to keep it clear is common practice but not everyone wants to do that. A more hygienic and longer lasting solution is to use baby shampoo.  Water down some baby shampoo about 50/50 and keep in a small spray bottle.

Spray a small amount of into the inside glass and rub clear. This will prevent fogging for this and a number of subsequent dives.  You can also spray into the inside of fins and legs of you wetsuit to help them glide on – smells nice too.

Putting your wetsuit easily

Putting on a wetsuit is sometimes quite a comedic endeavor, complicated by being wet or sweaty yourself. Try the above or if no baby shampoo, place plastic bags on your hands & feet, normal supermarket ones will do; a dive buddy is useful here! You will then find you can just slide into the suit as there is no resistance or friction from the neoprene.
Putting your wetsuit easily

Use a candle stub to lubricate the zippers

Another hack for wetsuits is to use a candle stub to lubricate the zippers. Wetsuit zippers require regular maintenance and there are commercial zipper lubricants available but some say the candle stub works better even though does not last as long.

Use bungee cords to keep things secure

Carrying equipment underwater can inhibit a smooth swimming style while you want to be more streamlined but do not want to lose the equipment, camera, dive light. Try using bungee cords, the ones with hooks on both ends.

Use these to secure items to your BCD,thigh or arm and get rid of the items floating off your D ring. Another alternative is to use pieces of a bicycle inner tube. Slide these over the webbing on your BCD or next to any D rings. When you attach an item to the D ring you can then slide it under the tubing to keep it secure.

Use woolen gloves to keep warm

If you find yourself diving in colder water but do not have any drysuit gloves, then keep your hands warm by putting on a pair of thin woolen gloves under your usual wetsuit gloves. Wool will keep you warm even when wet.

Have you found these diving hacks useful? Let us know if you have any others to add to our top 5 hacks for scuba divers. Now you are ready to test these hacks on your next scuba diving tour!

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