5 incredible activities to do in Cozumel

If you visit the island and you are wondering what to do in Cozumel if it is a very small place, then you will be surprised to know all the options it has for you.

The island of Cozumel is the third largest in the entire country, and also the second most populated, it is only sixty-two kilometers from Cancun.

There is undoubtedly a lot to do in Cozumel despite the fact that its surface measures only 647.33 square kilometers, in addition to being the easternmost point of the country. It is known for offering one of the best places to practice divingfor both beginners and professionals.

Cozumel is the second largest coral reef formation in the world and a great diversity of marine fauna inhabits here.

But that’s not all there is to do in Cozumel

The island has many attractions and places to visit that you surely do not want to miss. The activities to do in Cozumel are very varied so you will have fun for all kinds of tastes.

Practice Diving

Among the things to do in Cozumel, diving is the main thing because the island is one of the best places to practice diving internationally.The most prominent reefs for diving are Santa Rosa, Columbia and Villa Blanca, in the latter there is a wall where it has huge sponges and sea fans, where thousands of fish gather, forming an incredible spectacle.

Snorkeling, a must-see activity

Snorkeling is the perfect activity for those who have not yet learned to dive and want to contemplate the beauty of underwater life.One of the things to do in Cozumel that you cannot miss is to practice snorkeling, it is a unique experience and we are sure that You will not regret it. Dzul Há beach is the perfect place to snorkel, it is only 4 meters deep and inhabited by a variety of fish, lobsters, crabs and some rays. Did you know that heaven is in Cozumel? Yes, the island has heaven on earth on the reef in the sky you will find thousands of starfish that can be seen without problem because the depth is shallow and the crystal clear water allows the sun’s rays to pass through. A function of nature that you surely do not want to miss.

Enjoy the beaches of Cozumel

The beaches of the Mexican Caribbean are known worldwide for their beauty, and of course those of Cozumel are no exception.With fine white sand and the color of the turquoise water, Cozumel has a variety of beaches where you can swim or take the sun accompanied by a margarita. The beaches that are in front of the coast of Playa del Carmen are those that have a very low swell, so they are very calm and shallow beaches. On the other side of the island you can find semi-virgin beaches with a more intense swell, in which we must be more careful when swimming in them.

Visit the Malecón

Walking along the Malecón and enjoying the sea breeze is something you can do in Cozumel, it is a mandatory tour for every tourist.Here you can see one of the best landscapes at sunset, an image that will surely remain etched in your memory forever On the Malecón avenue is where the largest number of handicraft, souvenir, jewelry and perfume shops are located. In front of the Malecón is the Benito Juárez Park where you can see some local artists offering their creations at a very low cost.

You cannot miss the Archaeological Zone!

Among the activities to do in Cozumel is one that surprises some people, because they are not expected to find archaeological sites on an island. San Gervasio is the place with the most Mayan culture in all of Cozumel, and it still contains a great mystery. Many years ago, this place was the center where the Mayans performed their ceremonies and rites to honor their deity.Ixchel.

Carnival and the fair

Carnival is a festival that represents a lot to the island and that is why it is celebrated throughout the month of February, full of food, music, dances, colors and joy, all in a very family atmosphere.

The main attraction of the carnival are the dances of comparsas where people of all ages demonstrate the choreographies they have been preparing for months, showing off their dedication and technique, they are adorned with really beautiful costumes full of characteristic folklore of the region.
From May 29 to April 5 Cozumel has the Cedral Fair that is held in the small town that bears the same name as the fair.

In this fair you can find bullfights, cattle exhibitions and regional folk dances, as well as being the perfect place to taste a great variety of Mexican food.Now that you know some of the main activities to do in Cozumel, prepare your trip to enjoy the maximum of this beautiful island.