5 Kick-Ass Facts About the FlowRider

AquaWorld’s newest ride, the FlowRider, will bring more water fun to Cancun, even during the night time.

The amazing FlowRider is coming to AquaWorld Cancun very, very soon! This is going to add a new dimension to the water fun activities already offered, and here are some facts you need to know about AquaWorld’s newest thrill.

The FlowRider experience comes to AquaWorld Cancun with plenty of excitement that is totally safe for all ages.

1. It’s a mix of surf, party, food and more

As if riding simulated waves weren’t enough, AquaWorld’s FlowRider attraction will come equipped with a concession stand, which will include a bar, a restaurant, and a store focusing on water sport products. These are all the ingredients for a perfect party by the beach.

2. It can be done under the sun and under the moon

The FlowRider experience is definitely popular during the daytime. But when it’s done at night, a more special type of party is bound to take over AquaWorld’s marina.

3. It’s totally safe

The FlowRider surface is really soft, resembling that of a trampoline. It’s also very comfortable and easy for pretty much anybody. Which brings us to the next point…

4. It’s appropriate for most ages and body types

Parents and children alike can go on the FlowRider waves. Any person taller than 1 meter (39 inches) can do the “bodyboard” by lying down, and anybody taller than 1.20 meters (47 inches) can try it standing up.

5. It will be the fifth in all Mexico

The FlowRider website lists all the locations in the world where you can find the ride. The FlowRider at AquaWorld will be Mexico’s fifth, and the first one open to the public in the Cancun Hotel Zone. So let us help you experience the FlowRider for yourself.

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