Scuba diving medical restrictions to check prior to diving in Cancun

Whether you are a beginner or certified diver you must keep in mind this 5 scuba diving medical restrictions before you dive in Cancun or the nearby area. You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire to guarantee your safety.

The importance of Scuba diving medical restrictions

First off, this is not so much a medical restriction, rather something to keep in mind before you even think of putting on those fins: you don’t need to be super fit to dive but you do need to have a basic level of swimming ability and be in good health.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way (you’d be surprised how many times we’ve had to made this clear to hopeful non-swimmers), let’s get to the nitty gritty. “Why do I even need to worry about this?” you may ask. Granted, “scuba diving medical restrictions” is one of the last things you want to think about when planning your marvelous Cancun vacations, you just want to relax and fun…and you will! But it is important that you do it safely.

Though diving is a perfectly safe activity (when done well), there is no denying that there are larger forces at play every time you submerge into the big blue sea. The pressure of the water surrounding you does weird things to your body; under normal circumstances you would have nothing to worry about BUT the human body is a carefully balanced systemMajor physiological stress can arise rapidly through unforeseeable environmental changes (currents, waves, underwater animals), and if your body is not prepared to deal with this, things may go south very quickly.

There are four main categories of scuba diving medical restrictions mentioned below. All reputable dive shops should provide the medical form before you attempt any part of the diving course and Aquaworld’s dive shop in Cancun is no different. Keep reading to know the basic considerations to dive.

Are you taking any medications?

This means prescription drugs or drugs to control conditions such as epilepsy, seizures, migraines, diabetes, high blood pressure or anything that may affect your bodily functions and capabilities during your Cancun dive.

Do you have any chest, breathing or nasal issues?

The form will ask if you have asthma or breathing problems, allergies, frequent colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, collapsed lung, lung disease, chest disease or surgery. Beginner Dives in Cozumel and Cancun are not deep but optimal respiratory health is one of the most essential Scuba diving medical restrictions, whatever the dive profile.

Are there any previous injuries we need to know about?

Please tell us about any back problems, head injuries, dive accidents or decompression sickness, sinus surgery, ear, back, spinal or hernia surgery including ulcers.  It sounds like a long list but the last thing you want during your dive vacation in Cancun is a physical problem that could cause a permanent injury.

Miscellaneous medical conditions, do any apply to you?

Behavioural health, mental problems, blackouts, fainting, heart disease, heart attack, angina, recurrent ear problems, blood disorders.  These are all conditions to consider before diving, as well as pregnancy.
If you do check ‘yes’ on the health questionnaire prior to commencing your dive cert in Cancun, we will require permission from your doctor before you can continue with the course. That is why it is a great idea to plan ahead and book your course online prior to arrival so we can take care of the paperwork beforehand.

Get ready for a new adventure at the bottom of the sea, Book your dive now!