5 options for snorkeling in the Mexican Caribbean

The Mexican Caribbean is one of the most visited destinations by tourists from around the world; the paradisiacal destinations, its beaches and the beautiful climate bring thousands of tourists a year who visit it forsnorkeling in the Mexican Caribbean.

After stepping on Caribbean soil, you should settle in your hotel and run to the beaches, lie on the sand and enjoy the tranquility and scenery that the Mexican Caribbean has for you.If what you want is to do water activities, you should consider snorkeling in the Mexican Caribbean, thanks to this activity you will be able to know the varied marine fauna, including 60 types of corals and more than 500 species of fish that will give you a joyful welcome.

Xel-Ha, nature and refuge

In this incredible place you will be able to appreciate 90 marine species; such as angelfish, barracudas, blondes, damsel fish, rays, puffer fish and even pink snail; This species inhabits the cove of Xel-Há and is protected under very careful monitoring.
Xel-Há is known for its beautiful nature and all the care they take to conserve the environment, it is also known as a “natural aquarium”, if possible, visit it to practice snorkeling.

Cozumel, perfect to enjoy snorkeling in the Mexican Caribbean

This emblematic island of the Mexican Caribbean is located by ferry 45 minutes leaving from Playa del Carmen, in Cozumel you will find most of the coral reefs of the “Great Mayan Reef”.

Snorkeling in the Mexican Caribbean is possible on this island and it is one of the activities that locals and foreigners practice to observe and discover all kinds of specimens. Imagine being submerged and seeing all kinds of corals with phenomenal structures, colors and shapes; plus giant anemones, hermit crabs, cat shark, bull shark, hawksbill turtle and many more.

Cozumel is a refuge as a home for divers and marine explorers, in fact it was one of the favorite places of Jacque cousteauThanks to the beauty of this place and for how it clothes divers and snorkelers in the Mexican Caribbean.

Cancun more than entertainment

Cancun is not just entertainment, nightclubs and beautiful beaches, this paradisiacal place is considered one of the best for snorkeling in the Mexican Caribbean.Like other destinations, Cancun has an incredible population of marine fauna and coral reefs full of magic.From Cancun you can go to Isla Contoy or Women Island, which are like an extension of Cancun to enjoy any marine activity or relax on its soft blue-toned beaches.

Akumal, land of turtles

Akumal is the only place that offers snorkeling in the Riviera Maya with turtles, this unique place is a sanctuary that has protected this beautiful species for many years. Akumal is located a few kilometers from Playa del Carmen and is considered a “natural pool” due to its shallow waters since it does not exceed a meter and a half deep, making snorkeling in the Riviera Maya much easier.

Punta Allen, a world heritage site

This community of fishermen is located within the Sian Ka’an biosphere, and was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.In this beautiful place they run about 100 kilometers of the Great Mayan Reef, it is also considered a pool at low tide , which makes it perfect for snorkeling in the Mexican Caribbean.

If you don’t know where to snorkel, AquaworldHe can give you a little oxygen with his fun and incredible tours.

We must always recommend that you respect fauna and marine flora, give them their space and do not touch any species for anything in the world, let’s help conserve these incredible places of nature.