5 reasons why cenote diving is exciting

If you are planning a trip to the south of the country, surely you have in mind to do water activities, get to know the Mexican Caribbean and practice diving in cenotes.

Know the stalagmites and stalactites

These sinks are very old wells that have a mystery that enchants almost everyone, to enjoy them you must have certain characteristics so that your experience and that of your companions is the best.

One of the attractions of the Mexican Caribbean are the cenotes; These caves are the owners of one of the most beautiful creations: stalagmites and stalactites.

These ‘natural constructions’ are formed thanks to the reaction of carbon dioxide that dissolves with rainwater on the limestone of the cave, precipitating calcium carbonate to create these works of art of nature.

You can know very narrow places

Diving in cenotes is an experience that will allow you to know the underwater world, no one will be able to tell you everything you can live in these magical cenotes, doing this practice will lead you to discover magical places. Can you imagine diving in the middle of such a narrow cavern , that you barely pass? This is possible when you practice diving in cenotes with trained instructors and knowledgeable about the area.Although it can be a bit disconcerting to be in an underwater and so closed environment, it will be an experience that few people are prepared to live and that you can only experience in this flooded caves, cenotes like the Tajma Ha, Two eyesPonderosa among many others will host your next cenote dive.

Pure adrenaline when diving in cenotes

Diving should always be done with the help of a certified expert, so if you are about to schedule a diving practice in cenotes, give yourself the task of investigating and hiring the best tour so that the adrenaline you live is the best. It is normal to feel adrenaline when we are immersed in a cenote, yes you want to feel like the king of the waters, heed the instructions of your guide and enjoy the tour.

Incredible visibility inside the cenotes

One of the characteristics of the cenotes is the delicious, cold and crystalline fresh water in which you will immerse yourself, thanks to these crystal clear waters it will be easier for you to undertake diving in cenotes, since the visibility will allow you to know all the flora and fauna marina as well as follow the group you travel with.

The fauna and flora is incredible

Cenotes can be considered a restricted site and the aquatic life in these places has little energy flow, so all the creatures that inhabit the cenotes can be considered in the process of evolution.

These species are considered unique, since you will only find them here, research considers that thousands of species that inhabit the cenotes are still in an evolutionary process, since they were trapped in some of the cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula, so It is possible that in your experience of diving in cenotes you will find some emblematic species such as the blind fish or white lady.

If you are ready for your cenote diving experience, Aquaworld has the best packages and tours for you to live an incredible adventure in beautiful cenotes in the Mexican Caribbean.

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