5 tips for a healthy travel to the Riviera Maya

Being caught in a cramped airplane seat can really stress your body out, it’s best to always plan ahead and prepare yourself for a healthy travel!

Usually when we’re off the plane, we feel a bit tired, not so fresh to be honest! So follow these few simple stepts that will make your journey much more peacefull and way less tedious; A healthy travel.

Things to consider before you travel to the Riviera Maya

Get the paperwork done asap

It’s easy to stay stress free and to plan ahead by preparing for your flight! Prepare your trip in advance, start by organizing your passports, your travel insurance, the airport transfers and documentation! This will cut short the anxiety of schedule closing in, after all, you’re going to Cancun to relax!

Eat well before your flight

Airplanes aren’t quite known for having gourmet meals! They’re usually loaded with starch and other chemicals that will make you feel sluggish and bloated, so bring your healthy snacks like dried fruit or seeds and nuts.

tips for a healthy trip

Try to grab a balanced delicious meal before hopping on board too, remember the best way for a healthy travel begins with our body, and food is the boss here.

Bring your own comfort with you

And by this we mean bring your own pillow to the plane! Like we said before, sitting on a plane for hours can be stressful and very uncomfortable too, so we highly recommend a small pillow in your hand luggage so you can rest your forty winks in peace while on board, sleep is also a main pillar in our healthy travel guide!

Surviving Jetlag

If you’re flying through multiple time zones, it is inevitable that your biologic clock gets disrupted, so try reducing jet lag as much as you can. Like for example, if you start to drift off to sleep, go with the flow.

healthy trip tips

When you arrive to your vacations in Cancun or Riviera Maya, try to adapt to the time zone by resisting the urge to sleep or eat meals out of time. Taking a walk can also help you adapt more easily and light will make your body acclimatise faster.

Motion Sickness much?

It can be a very slight sickness and super temporary, but lots of people suffer motion sickness on a plane or a boat, so it’s highly suggested that you take ginger supplements before taking off, even a ginger tea can help in this case! This will prevent all nausea and it’ll make you feel very settled.

Keep your body active

Long flights mean lots of time sitting down in an uncomfortable position, what we recommend here is that if you’re in for a long flight, every once in a while you get up from your seat (once the seat belt tick is off of course) and walk through the aisle 1 or 2 times – Bad sleeping and sitting position are known to induce fatigue – You don’t wanna feel fatigued on your vacations to paradise!

healthy trip to cancun

Getting to your desired destination isn’t pure gloom and doom! Remember what is waiting for you as soon as you get off the plane! The trip is worth every minute spent – and now you know a few lifehacks that will aid you in those stress and anxious moments of a flight. 

Riviera Maya weather

It’s best to be prepared and know what to expect depending on the time of year you are visiting. This article could help you with that.

Remember that Cancun is waiting for you and as soon as your plane starts to close in on the land, you’ll start noticing its different hues of blues along with that relaxing sensation that you’re minutes to experiencing paradise at its finest!

Anyways, for the fun and game parts we’ve got a few activities and other excursions in Cancun and what not to ensure that as soon as you touch your destinations airport, you start feeling the excitement of what awaits, so check these out if you’re into having fun.