5 water activities in Cancun that you cannot miss

We know that there are countless things to do during your vacation in Cancun, so we selected the 5 water activities in Cancun that you cannot miss. Whether in the company of family or friends, Aquaworldguarantees the best experiences.

As a destination conducive to relaxation and great fun, Cancun allows you the most varied water activities. Taking advantage of its beaches, sands and geographical area, these are some of the best water activities in Cancun.

Diving or snorkeling at MUSA

The Underwater use which is in the region between Cancun, Isla Mujeres and the Punta Nizuc reef, it is a unique place with more than 500 sculptures in natural size.
There you will have the opportunity to dive or snorkel, at a maximum of 8 meters below the surface of the sea. You can too tour the corals and the marine life that adorns the place.

Submarine rides

The Caribbean Sea contains a series of charming and unique sites, which for those who do not know how to dive or cannot do it, can take advantage of this option of ride in a submarine or use some kind of underwater motorcycle The tour will allow you to know the most varied Marine species from the region and you will even see some of the MUSA sculptures. This tour can also be done in the Cozumel Island.

Boat trip around Cancun

Another of the most requested water activities in Cancun are the boat travel through the Nichupté lagoon I even in the sea. Touring the lagoon observing the flora and fauna of the region is a perfect activity if you have children. But if your trip is with your partner you cannot miss a romantic walk by boat to watch the sunset.If you are looking for adventure, the fishing tours in Cancun they will be great for sure. Between the months of February and April, the catch options are barracuda, and blue marlin. During April and August it is possible to find sailfish, mahi-mahi and tuna. For the months of September to February you can catch snapper, mackerel and barracuda.

Swim with dolphins, an aquatic activity that you cannot miss

Among the most fun water activities to do is the swimming with dolphins. You can get in touch with cetaceans, in addition to knowing everything related to their lifestyle and eating habits.From playing at being a dolphin trainer to being kissed by these friendly animals, there are many options from which to choose the program that most suits your tastes.

Whale shark swim tour

The swim and snorkel tour with whale sharks that we offer from Aquaworld, is another of the activities that you definitely cannot miss if you visit Cancun in the summer months (June to August). The growth of plankton, its main food, makes these warm waters an ideal place for the most largest in the world: the whale shark. Swimming with these animals is an experience that will undoubtedly leave you breathless, but it will leave you with an unforgettable memory. If you want to do any of these activities, you can go to Aquaworld. Here we can organize the tour you want to enjoy the beauties of the Mexican Caribbean and spend the best vacations of your life. What are you waiting to contact us?

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