5 wonderful tours in Cancun that you should know!

There is a wide variety of tours in Cancun that you can take, there are for all ages and tastes, each one so much fun that you will not want to stop doing it.

Among the infinity of tours in Cancun we can find snorkeling, diving, speedboat ride through the Nichupté lagoon, Waverunner on the coast and even the Skyrider.

If you are an adrenaline lover, be sure there is tours in Cancun that you can do and enjoy at all times, full of fun and adventures that you will never forget.

Choosing which of all the tours in Cancun to do first will be the only difficult thing on your entire trip.


The Aquatwister is without a doubt one of the best tours in Cancun.

Full of adrenaline and speed, be sure that you will give a couple of shouts of excitement when you feel the wind breaking in your face when the boat goes at full speed through the turquoise sea water.Only the brave get on this boat, since when he picks up good speed the captain brakes sharply and turns quickly at an angle of 270 degrees feeling the sudden force of speed.
But do not worry because at all times you will be safe, as long as you have your life jacket and the safety straps that are in each of the 20 available seats on the boat.

Jungle tour

If you want to have control of your own boat, then the first tour you should take is the Jungle Tour, it is one of the best known in Aquaworld.

It consists of a walk through the Nichupté lagoon where you can drive your own boat, although that if you have to follow the instructions of the guide who is leading the tour at all times.At the end you will arrive at the open sea in Punta Nizuc where there is a part of the second largest barrier reef in the world.

Upon arrival at Punta Nizuc, a group of experts will prepare and assist you at all times to immerse yourself in the water and contemplate the abundant underwater life that the Caribbean offers you, although if you prefer, you can stay on the boat enjoying the sun and having a drink. couple of drinks.

Discover Scuba

This activity is for people who have not been certified in diving or are new to it, but of course, nothing better than your first dive is in the Caribbean waters of Mexico, which are one of the most beautiful on the planet.

But do not think that you will be thrown into the water at the first opportunity, this tour includes a theoretical lesson with one of the certified instructors, who will give you the basic knowledge of diving.The main advantage of taking this tour is that you can choose where to dive , the options are: Depart from the Aquaworld marina to the Manchones reef, dive at the Underwater Museum of Art in Cancun (MUSA), the paradise reef in Cozumel, the Paradise reef on Isla Mujeres or on the beaches of Puerto Morelos.

Paradise Subsee

This is the perfect activity for those who do not want to swim but still want to know the underwater world.

Being on board a yellow submarine with a glass bottom and glass windows, you will see all the marine life that the Caribbean is home to, from a magnificent formation of corals, to a variety of exotic fish and turtles.

On this same tour you have the opportunity to see 7 statues that belong to the Cancun Underwater Museum of Art, a more than a spectacular project.
All this without getting a single hair wet, so fabulous.