6 advantages of having an underwater wedding

A underwater weddingit is perfect for those looking for an intimate and magical experience. But, with so many possible wedding venues, why choose the Caribbean Sea? Here we give you 6 reasons!

It is a very intimate and special celebration

Imagine a wedding where only the people you love most attend. A simple ceremony where there is no room for worries and there is only room for love. This is how your underwater wedding could be!

There is no way to have a more unique wedding

How many people can say that they got married under the sea? You can be one of the privileged people who started their marriage at sea. It can’t get more poetic than that!

You have a lot of freedom to decide

At your wedding, you decide … Choose the boat, the ceremony, the decoration; make your underwater wedding just the way you dreamed it. It can be as simple or as ostentatious as you decide.

It is a good option for your economy

Doing a wedding in Cancun is synonymous with spending a lot of money, this is known worldwide. On the other hand, a wedding under the sea in Cancun is an equally beautiful and magical option, but much less expensive.

You don’t have to be a certified diver

There are no buts for not opting for this incredible way of getting married. Since you don’t have to be a certified diver to attend the wedding, even your friends who haven’t dived can never join you. They only need to take a short class first.

The Caribbean Sea is the perfect location

Being surrounded by fish, coral and the artistic MUSA artificial reef creates a magical atmosphere. It is ideal for getting married! In addition, the waters of the Caribbean are warm so all guests can wear the clothes they choose.

Start planning your underwater wedding

A wedding under the sea sounds like a dream, but we can make it come true … Contact us to start planning it