6 reasons to fish in Cancun

Practice sport fishing or go fishing in Cancun and enter the deep sea, it is not only for professional fishermen. Because this activity is suitable for everyone. If in the next few days you will be staying near or in Cancun and you are willing to have a fun fishing day, Aquaworld Cancun is the right place for you. Not only to perform someaquatic activity fun, but because we are also inside the map as Gray Fishtag Research.

Is Cancun a destination for fishing?

Cancun is a year-round vacation destination, so it receives visitors from all over the world. Besides that, Cancun has a great diversity of marine species and in the area we can find different fish. Some remain in their habitat throughout the year, while others migrate or areseasonal. So when you are planning your trip, you can always get a great catch like the great fishermen and if you are an avid fisherman you can go after some of the great fish that we can find in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, this type of search is commonly known as sport fishing or the big game of fishing. The most popular species found in the area are sailfish and marlin. Sailfish migrate to Cancun during the winter months and their stay in the area is until July, so these months would be perfect to plan your Cancun Fishing Tour.

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Eat, Ride, Tag, or Catch and Release.

Aquaworld Cancun promotes the fish tag throughout your fishing hours, in which you can catch and release, but there are other options as well.

Eat your catch.

Our staff can prepare and fillet your fish so you can eat it back at your hotel, or if you stayed at an all-inclusive resort, the kitchen will be in charge of preparing your fish according to the request of your preference. But if you are one of those who rent an apartment in a condominium or Airbnb, your catch could be dinner for that night.Why not try some delicious traditional recipes?

Mount your fish.

We have the taxidermy service available in case you decide to keep your fish. The most common fish to ride are those of the great fishing game. It is good that you know that you receive a replica of the same size of the original fish that you caught.

Label for research.

Fishing in Cancun, Mexico means you have the opportunity to participate in Gray’s Fishtag Research program. Aquaworld is the only one that has research facilities in Cancun, the only ones in the eco-friendly category, for which we are proud. The fish tag program is worldwide and the data collected is used for scientific purposes. Fish migration patterns are somewhat confusing, so to catch, tag, name, andtrack your fish it can be through Aquaworld and Gray’s.

Capture and Release.

This is our preferred method. Deep fishing in Cancun offers great abundance in different species and we would like to continue to maintain this. The effects of overfishing is a problem in some areas of the world, so we encourage our visitors to catch and release their fish. You can take a photo, weigh it, measure it and release it, so these little ones can return to the place where they belong.

Choose a full day or a half day.

Fishing in the Riviera Maya may be less successful compared to Cancun. So don’t forget that Aquaworld offers you two alternatives: noon or morning and afternoon on the charter. Of course the best time to go fishing is at 7:00 am, early to arrive and have the best places. But if you are one of those who prefer to stay and opt for the south. Choose the hours between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm You will also enjoy fishing and you will get good results!

You can reserve your private charter to fish in Cancunfrom four, six, eight or even ten hours. Sounds good right ?!

Shared or private charter

It can be difficult to please the whole family when it comes to planning your activities in Cancun. So going fishing may not be an activity that your whole family likes, that’s why we offer you the alternative of booking a shared charter It is an excellent option!

Our charters have a capacity of 6 people, everyone has their turn and opportunity to fish, it also has 2 reel chairs to fight against the force when you catch something. Of course, a private charter is preferable, so you would have the boat to yourself throughout the day, and passengers who are not going to fish are also welcome!

Both options include beers and soft drinks. So if you don’t know how to fish, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery that the Mexican Caribbean has to offer.

There are very few companies that have a good reputation offering fishing services in Cancun, Mexico. Get on the boat andmake your reservation now!