6 Tips for scuba diving in Cancun

A diving instructor is undoubtedly the right person to give us the best advice for your next diving experience. diving in Cancun.

We have done our homework and we talked with our dive instructors and created a list (a bit long) but very functional so that your next diving experience in Cancun is the best. They well say that information is power, and we want to empower you with everything. related to diving and you can enjoy this trip through the ocean.

Invest in a good diving tour in Cancun

Whether it is your first or twentieth time, always try to hire a good tour with experts, this for two powerful reasons: The first is that you will always go with trusted personnel and two a tour has a marked path where you can find more natural beauty and places without so much movement of the sea If you are already an experienced diver, then you know that having an impeccable equipment will give you the reliability you need, get the best possible equipment.

Know your diving equipment


It does not matter if you rented the equipment or it is yours, you must know your diving equipment from head to toe, you must know the breathing regulators, all with the aim of achieving greater performance when diving in Cancun.

Air Sensors (Octos)

This safety piece is essential in case a dive buddy is running out of air, almost all divers are trained to use this piece and the air it contains. Your instructor should teach you how to use it.

Total relaxation

Undoubtedly, the emotions are many when thinking about our next diving experience in Cancun, but everything changes at the moment of making a dive, the frenzy, the nerves, the emotion, anguish and despair can appear at the same time and not help a lot when diving. So you only need:


So that this does not happen, we recommend you start swimming in the area where you will dive, avoid rapid and sudden movements of the arms and legs. In addition, the animals and species that are around will be scared, so you need to make your dive with a lot of relaxation so that the whole diving experience in Cancun is incredible.

Adjust the equipment

It is essential that the equipment is well adjusted, if it is ready, an instructor can help you verify that your equipment is ideally adjusted, take the time necessary for the devices, straps, masks and fins. The fit is essential to go very comfortable to the diving experience in Cancun.

Control buoyancy

This point is very fun, mostly the instructors help you and teach you to control the way you float, before entering the water you must do a test in a controlled and shallow environment, have all the equipment ready and descend along with the People who will also practice diving in Cancun is of great help to have enough control of both the emotions and the body.


Never be separated from the group

Although this advice sounds like ‘child explorers’ we must give it, if you still do not have the necessary experience to explore by yourself, do not leave your group and your instructors, with these tips you can start your diving experience in Cancun.
Enjoy it!

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