6 Tips to avoid seasickness during your vacations in Cancun

Your vacations in Cancun should be a memorable experience, kind of like a dream come true. However, seasickness can turn this dream into a nightmare. We’ve prepared 6 tips to help you avoid seasickness and enjoy your vacations in Cancun to the fullest.

Drink plenty of water

The Caribbean is a tropical region and its temperature is always higher than 77 degrees. Dehydration has to be avoided at all costs because it produces nausea and other consequences. Even before boarding the boat drink water and fresh fruit juice. While soda may be refreshing – it doesn’t help against dehydration.

Eat a healthy breakfast beforehand

One of the benefits of your vacations in Cancun is that you can plan everything with loads of anticipation. Then you’ll know which day is your boat tour and prepare a healthy breakfast beforehand. Fruits and grains are great options but the most important thing is to avoid greasy foods.

Avoid being hangover

Being hangover is one of the worst experiences a human being has to go through. Now imagine living it on board of a moving boat under the powerful sun. Sounds dreadful, don’t you think? This is why we recommend you to leave alcohol aside for a night before your boat ride – or drink very little of it.

The horizon is your ally

Looking at the horizon will help you handle the nausea you could feel during the ride. Just focus on the line that divides the sky and the turquoise sea, very distinctive of the Caribbean. If you feel like it isn’t working after a few minutes you could try closing your eyes and breathing slowly.

Dramamine is your new best friend

Motion sickness can be avoided with Dramamine; you can find it in drugstores and even souvenir shops. So it won’t be a problem to find it during your vacations in Cancun and it will be a total relief. The key is in taking is a couple of hours before boarding.

Sail with experts during your vacations in Cancun

If you’re prone to get seasick, it is a good idea to book your tours with top quality companies – that way you know things will sail smoothly and the crew will be attentive. For example, in Aquaworld’s watercrafts there is always bottled water, bags for motion sickness and Dramamine along with a very professional crew who knows how to handle seasickness.

Finally, if you decided to avoid seasickness by just not bearding a boat at all, don’t worry – there are many other ways to have aquatic fun. Such as flowboardingflyboarding or even scuba diving in cenotes.