6 Tips to enjoy your Cancun Fishing Charter

Fishing in Cancun is an amazing experience thanks to the diverse ecosystem and plentiful fish, but it is important to know a few basic tips to enjoy your fishing charter.

Don’t get caught out, come prepared to fish!

Cancun deep sea fishing charters – how to maximize the experience

Once you are out in the middle of the Mexican Caribbean there is not a lot you can do if you get sick or suffer from the heat, but there are ways to prevent it

Eat a solid breakfast

Many people think that by not eating anything before their Cancun fishing trip it will prevent them from seasickness. This is not the case! It is much better to eat a light but solid breakfast and avoid the nauseous feeling that an empty stomach creates. Of course you can take Dramamine before the trip as well, but if you do get sick and you ate prior to the trip then once it is all over so to speak, you will feel better.

Wear a hat

Avoid burning your head, ears and face with a wide brimmed hat. The Caribbean sun is unforgiving and combined with the water’s reflection you can burn easily. A hat will also help protect your eyes and the back of your neck. It is recommended to wear a hat during all your Cancun activities.

Stay hydrated

Sun stroke is no fun and dangerous. Do not ruin your Cancun vacation with a trip to the hospital. Drink plenty of water, enjoy the beer included in your Cancun fishing charter but don’t go overboard, excuse the pun!

Use sun screen or long sleeves

Using a sun block will help prevent a sun burn that could ruin your vacation and more importantly help protect against the UV rays. Our fishing boats have a shaded area but it’s easy to get distracted with all the fun of catching a fish. Apply sunblock vigorously prior to departure and again during the day. Enjoy your fishing trip in Cancun and to ensure maximum quality and success book it with Aquaworld.