7 Beaches so surprising that you will want to visit

Going to the beach is synonymous with rest, relaxation, sun, sand and sea. There are beaches that, thanks to the help of the environment and nature, would dazzle anyone.

Beautiful beaches that you would love to know

Whether it be colored sand, sand made of different materials or crystal clear water with imposing blue tones that will impress you so much that you will want to visit them.

Pink sand beaches

These beaches, which undoubtedly have great beauty, get their color thanks to the foraminifera that live there and that by leaving the shell allow its erosion or pulverization, causing this dust to decorate the beaches.

These divine beaches are located in the Bahamas, Elafonisi Greece and in Italy and receive thousands of tourists for these great features.

Feel the shells at your feet

If you normally go to the beach and you can feel the odd shell at your feet, on this beach you will have no choice but to walk on them, since this beautiful beach has as many shells as you can imagine. If you travel to Australia exactly to Sanibel Island, do not hesitate to take a walk and enjoy this wonder.

Black sand beaches

Yes, you read that right! The sand on this beach is black, it is one of the most spectacular, its color is due to the volcanic stone and eroded lava.

The beauty of this beach is to see the waves break on the shore of the beach and enjoy the spectacle that the sea foam makes when combined with the black sand. You can find this beautiful spectacle at Mariwuai Beach in New Zealand.

Glass beach

One of the most surprising beaches since its soil is covered with endless glass eroded by the sea and the passing of the years.

This place in California was used as a garbage dump in the 60’s, in 2002 the government devised a beach recovery plan and now it is a park so well cared for that you cannot take a single ‘granite’ of glass from this beach .

Geometric rock beaches

These is one of the few beaches that does not have sand, since it has stones that are geometrically armed by nature, this beach known as the Giants’ Causeway in Ireland, surprises with its hexagonal perfection of stones.

Celtic legend has it that an Irish giant and a Scottish giant had such a rivalry that they built the causeway joining the Irish and Scottish beaches and thus face off one by one.Despite this legend, the true reason for these stones was thanks to volcanic activity added to the erosion, which gave rise to these creations of nature.

Green sand beaches

This sand is mixed with small olivine crystals torn away by the erosion of underwater volcanoes that cause this color. Olivine crystals are heavier than other minerals, for this reason they remain on the surface adorned by the beaches located in Papakolea Hawaii. Cape Verde and the Canary Islands.

Gaviota azul beach

This beach has the thinnest and clearest sand in the Caribbean, located very close to Punta Cancun Its especially crystalline, totally calm and shallow water has an intense blue color that will dazzle you. In addition, this beach is perfect for activities such as snorkeling and diving.