8 of the Best Activities in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Cancun and Riviera Maya are two top destinations with a lot of attractions for adventurous travelers. If you enjoy and love aquatic sports and can´t wait to try a class of scuba diving or snorkeling, we have prepared some of a fascinating list of tours you definitely have to give them a try before going back home.

Swim with dolphins
Live your dream of swimming with dolphins! This is your opportunity to touch, kiss and hug the most adorable sea creature. Choose your favorite program and enjoy quality time with our dolphins, this activity is suitable for the entire family and all ages. You can find this activity in Cancun, Riviera Maya and Cozumel; first, you will have a 10 min introduction to learn more about this fascinating animal and then you will join them in their natural habitat with different guided activities. Get ready to live a memorable experience; dolphins will steal your heart!

Swim with whale sharks
Do not miss the sensational experience to make a face-to-face encounter with the gentlest giant of the ocean. Each year Cancun hosts the most spectacular tour, you will be driven on a boat where the largest congregation of whale sharks gathers. Tourist will see whale sharks swimming in their natural habitat. They may be the biggest fish in the sea, but they are gentle giants.

Dive in the coral reef
You don´t have to be a certified diver to enjoy the amazing underwater life. The Mexican Riviera is home to the world’s second largest barrier reef with an overabundance of colorful marine life amid crystal clear turquoise waters. The tours include dive classes and scuba equipment. Enjoy a day full of color under the sea in the amazing coral reef of Cozumel!

Snorkel MUSA
Dive into the crystal clear water of the Caribbean Sea between the coast of Cancun and Isla Mujeres. Discover a surreal world under the surface, created by the sculptures of British artist Jason de Caires Taylor. This exceptional snorkeling tour is an experience combining art, science, care for the environment, and fun, definitely something not to be missed!

Jungle Tour
The most popular snorkeling tour in Cancun is a day full of adventure. You will explore the mangrove in a speed boat through the lagoon and snorkel in the coral reef of Cancun where you will discover an underworld of color and diversity. This is a thrilling and aquatic and subaquatic activity not to be missed on your vacations.

Swim with Turtles
There is a paradise where tourists from all parts of the world come to turtle sighting, Akumal. This is the right place to swim with green sea turtles in their natural habitat and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Riviera Maya. As this is in a shallow with minimal currents it is perfect for kids to get a close encounter with nature.

Cancun and Riviera Maya is worldwide recognized for its exciting world of sports fishing which offers an adventure like no other in the crystal turquoise waters of the Caribbean. The waters around Isla Mujeres and Cancun are full of a great variety of fish like groupers, snappers, marlin, barracudas and much more. Your fishing in Cancun experience can also help the ocean with Aquaworld!

The main reason why you came here is to enjoy the warm and turquoise waters of the Caribbean, so just lay back on a beachside hammock with a cocktail on hand. For sure you have chosen the perfect place; either Cancun or Riviera Maya have the most beautiful coastlines in the world.