8 reasons why you must go diving in Cozumel!

Diving in Cozumel is a world-class experience regardless of your skill level! With so many species to be found under the surface, you’ll always find something new.
Keep reading to find out more reasons to give it a go!

The great thing about Cozumel is that it’s not only cruise ships and fancy hotels. Unfortunately, Cozumel has become a little too well known for being a cruise ship resort and whilst this is true, it doesn’t have to affect your stay negatively. There is something for everyone in Cozumel, located on the East coast of Mexico, it’s easy to get to, there are plenty of diverse accommodations and of course, the diving is fabulous.

The amazing diversity of Cozumel diving

Beginners and advanced divers divers can dive in Cozumel, there are some fabulous shallow reefs to explore. But the deeper more exciting dives are of course a lot more fun.

Drift diving made easy

Cozumel is the unofficial drift dive place-to-go of the Caribbean! For this reason some dives can be more challenging that others. If the current is light however, you may not even need to kick at all!

What could be better than relaxing and floating over the coral reefs. This type of dive will leave you more time to take some fab pictures of the fish and sealife, which you will most defintately see in abundance when you dive in Cozumel.

The wall dives of Cozumel

A reef wall is one of the most amazing natural reef formations that you can ever hope to see when scuba diving. As the name suggests, it’s a vertical cliff face or rock edge which can descend down hundreds of feet. A diverse number of corals grow on the wall, producing an astonishing array of patterns, colors and textures.

When you dive Cozumel, it is recomendable to start with a shallow reef dive and then plan the wall later on in the week. It’s important you feel comfortable as it can be a little daunting seeing as you’ll be viewing a vertical drop rather than a horizontal reef

Cozumel reef dives

Another of the characteristics of Cozumel diving is the beauty of the coral reef formations. It’s been said before that no dive is ever the same, but this is more so over in Cozumel.

Paseo-Del-Cedral-reef-CozumelPaseo Del Cedral – Photo credit – Aquaworld client Daryl Duda
Giant Coral Heads.

Coral heads are fascinating. They consist of thousands of genetically identical polyps, these polyps lay down a skelaton over thousands of years creating some amazing structural reef affects. Hundreds of feet from the bottom, giant coral pinnacles rise as if they were skyscrapers from the depths.

Swim through tunnels and caves

The famed reef architecture of the island is what makes diving in Cozumel one of the best scuba adventures in the world. The current has carved out labyrinths of caverns and underwater systems to explore. Some of the tunnels are large enough to swim through although others are quite small, so it’s important to know your buoyancy – no hitting the reef.

Jacques Cousteau made Cozumel scuba diving famous

Jacques Cousteau was an extrodinary man, when he declared his love for diving in Cozumel, the island was honored at his words. Still to this day, the legend of Cousteau is felt on Cozumel and there is even an underwater statue of him submerged just off the shore. Jacques Cousteau had an eclectic mix of talents, from filmaker, autor and photographer to scientist, marine researcher and of course scuba diver! For this reason, when he first dove Cozumel and let it be known that he fully approved, his curiosity and appreciation spread around the world making Cozumel diving famous.

There are countless different species of sealife and fish

It’s a well known fact that the East coast of Mexico has such a great eco-system, the waters are home to thousands of different types of fish and other marine life.

Queen-Angelfish-CozumelQueen Angel Fish – Photo credit – Aquaworld client Daryl Duda

The marine life can vary depending on the depth of the dive, it’s very common to find angelfish, schools of grunts, groupers and parrot fish. Sometimes, you have to look more closely however, then you could spot the seahorse, shrimps and teeny tiny crabs that also inhabit the reefs.

Pipehorse CozumelPipehorse Fish – Photo credit – Aquaworld client Daryl Duda

Not to mention the night diving! This is when some interesting creatures come out to play. Lobsters and more lobsters, the main kind are the giant spiny lobsters.

Fun fact – It’s illegal to catch lobsters during their breeding season between March and July, there’s a strong penalty for doing so!

The Splendid toadfish – Endemic to Cozumel.
It’s pretty amazing that a tiny Island such as Cozumel could have an endemic creature – but it’s true. The splendid toadfish (and we think this is a really cool name) is truly splendid in appearance. It has nine fins and spectacular markings and best of all, it has small, sharp teeth!
They are hard to see though, they hide on sandy sea floors, underneath rocks.
If you dive the following sites in Cozumel, look out for the Splendid toadfish, they can be commonly found on; Yucab, Tormentos, Paraíso and Cedral dive sites.

cozumel diving adventure

It’s very easy to get to Cozumel

If you’re planning a dive vacation to Cozumel, then you need to be able to get there effortlessly, baring in mind you might want to travel with scuba gear. Cozumel actually has it’s own airport so this might be the most convenient option. Otherwise, you can fly into Cancun, take a transfer taxi to the Ultramar ferry dock in Playa Del Carmen and then cross over to Cozumel on one of the hourly services that depart from here. It’s about a 45 minute ferry ride over to Cozumel, although Ultramar now has a new luxury fast service which takes about 20 minutes.

There are plenty of places to stay

If diving is your main purpose of visiting Cozumel, your vacation choice may differ from any other ‘relax stay’ resort. If you’re planning to spend half the day in the sea, you might not require an all-inclusive luxury hotel

All-inclusive hotels.

There are also an abundance of smaller hostels or Airbnb accommodations in Cozumel. This is great if you’re looking for a more relaxed environment and like to look around for different and traditional restaurants to try. This is the more exciting way to explore Cozumel. Scuba diving and typical Mexican food delights – awesome!

The Island is full of hotels offering a complete package including all meals, drinks and board. The Park Royal in Cozumel for example, is located right beside Aquaworld Cozumel and also offers shore diving. So if you like your creature conforts at the end of a dive day, a resort hotel would be your best bet.


There are also an abundance of smaller hostels or Airbnb accommodations in Cozumel. This is great if you’re looking for a more relaxed environment and like to look around for different and traditional restaurants to try. This is the more exciting way to explore Cozumel. Scuba diving and typical Mexican food delights – awesome!

The sea temperature is awesome!

The water temperature in Cozumel is generally the same all year round. 28°C (82°F).
This means the visability is rarely affected by the weather or local temperatures. Usually the visabiity is around 100 feet. This website provides a day by day real time water temperature record.

Cozumel has its own Coral farm

The Cozumel coral reef restoration program started in 2013. In an effort to save broken corals and create new reefs, the farm was created in a sand area outside of the National Marine Park. Besides growing new coral, this farm provides research specimens, education and awareness. You can assist in this project by contacting the organisation direct via their website.

There is a great dive shop in Cozumel!

Last but not least, Aquaworld’s main instalations are in Cancun but you may not know that we also have a dive shop in Cozumel.
There are 2 tank reef dives Monday to Saturday at 11.30am so no need to get up early. A fab mix of reef dives and wall dives are on offer and packages can be arranged to help you save money. Diving in Cozumel does not have to be expensive, let us plan it all for you.

Get ready for a new adventure at the bottom of the sea, Book your dive now!