8 Ways to Enjoy Great Cancun Weather

If you like the idea of an endless summer, Cancun weather is unbeatable. Plus, with beaches, jungles and cenotes within driving distance, there are plenty of things to do under this area’s tropical climate.
Without further ado, here are 8 ways to enjoy the excellent Cancun weather to the fullest any time of the year.

1. Take the World-Famous Jungle Tour

First of all, you should explore the incredible landscape of Cancun’s mangroves and barrier reef by driving your very own speedboat. You can do this when taking the Jungle Tour, one of the most popular activities in the Mexican Caribbean. How could it not be? You steer your own boat across Nichupte Lagoon, view the sea life around the mangroves, then you go snorkel at the coral reef before heading back to the marina. A totally awesome adventure under the sun!We Recommend: Jungle Tour — The Best Expedition Around Cancun Mangroves

2. Sail to a Deep Sea Fishing Expedition

How about taking a chartered boat with top-notch fishing professionals to the depths of the Caribbean, in search of the biggest catch? You can do that with your own fishing adventure that takes you past Isla Mujeres to be entirely surrounded by the turquoise sea, as your crew and captain use the newest technology to spot deep sea fish like mahi-mahi, barracuda, kingfish, and more. A perfect expedition for perfect Cancun weather.
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3. Explore the Underwater World by Diving

You can’t come to the Mexican Caribbean and not wonder what’s beneath the waves. That’s why you must discover scuba diving and explore what lies under Cancun’s warm waters. And if you’re already certified, even better! Because there are plenty of adventures such as a sunken ship and an underwater museum you can fully explore only by diving.

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4. Swim With Whale Sharks

Because the weather in Cancun allows for excellent exploration at sea, especially between June and September, you should meet up with one of its seasonal visitors — the whale sharks. They come to the islands of Contoy and Holbox, not too far from Cancun, every summer to bask in the area’s perfect weather, and you can swim along these mythical and gentle giants. A must-do for animal lovers visiting the Mexican Caribbean.

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5. Chill Out with the FlowRider

If the Cancun sun is a little strong and you want to refresh, you should experience the FlowRider. This activity is completely safe and amazingly thrilling as you get splashed on the artificial waves while riding a board. If you’ve never tried surfing, that’s OK because instructors will help you ease into your FlowRider adventure.

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6. Forget Roller Coasters and Ride the Aquatwister

Adrenaline junkies, pay attention. We know you came to relax to the max under the Cancun weather, but we also know you’re aching for some thrills. So how about going aboard the Aquatwister, a unique boat that travels at high speeds and makes jaw-dropping 720º turns along the Cancun waters. This intense ride is definitely not for the faint of heart!

7. Cruise Around Cancun

Now, if you’d like to take it slow and have a romantic time with your loved one, you should consider taking a cruise on the gentle Nichupte Lagoon. The breeze along this water body provides cooler temperatures, especially right before a romantic evening. And what better place to watch the sun setting over the Caribbean than aboard a luxury boat like the Sunset King. With a gourmet three-course dinner, and live music to add to the atmosphere, this is a must for couples. Send us a message so we can arrange this sunset special!

8. If Cancun Weather Calls For Rain, Explore the Cenotes

Don’t worry if the refreshing rain threatens to dampen your mood — simply go underground! To a cenote, that is. These majestic underground rivers offer you a view into what the Maya people considered a channel to their gods. With rock formations like stalactites and stalagmites at the top and bottom of the cave, you simply go with the flow and let the river guide you as you snorkel or dive.  Hence, it’s a great adventure regardless of any rain or sun above you.
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Come for the Cancun Weather, Stay for the Tours

If you’re wondering where to have the best time in Cancun, AquaWorld is the place with the best water fun activities in the Mexican Caribbean. Let us know how we can help arrange the perfect outings just for you during your vacation. Meanwhile, here are some more recommendations to enjoy that perfect year-long Cancun weather, if you’re wondering when is the best time to visit Mexico – check this blog!