9 Amazing Fish You’ll Find In Cancun

When is fishing season in Cancun? In reality, any time of the year provides a plethora of fish, it just depends on what kind you’re looking for.

AquaWorld has an expert team of fishers who are ready to give the best service to anyone looking to catch the fish that live way out in the Mexican Caribbean.

The boat ride from AquaWorld’s marina will take you deep sea fishing, leaving you with great thrills and incredible memories.

If you’d like to meet some of the coolest fish available in the area, which includes the Riviera Maya, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres, please check this out:


deep sea fishing cancun

Fabian Aranda, of New Mexico, poses with a mahi-mahi he caught Thursday, December 8, 2016, with AquaWorld’s deep sea fishing exploration about 1 hour east of Isla Mujeres.

Also known as dolphinfish and dorado, the mahi-mahi stands out with its green skin and rounded forehead. A delicious fish when grilled with a side of rice, it’s even tastier when garnished with lime.


deep sea fishing cancun

Ramon Trejo Jr., center, poses triumphantly holding the kingfish he caught with AquaWorld’s deep sea fishing team during the December 8 excursion.

Also known as the king mackerel, it’s one of the larger and heavier fish in our oceans. It can measure to about 2 meters (6 feet 7 inches) and weigh up to 60 kg (132 pounds). The kingfish puts up a good fight with the fishermen attempting to catch it.


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Big pouty lips and a long body of up to 150 cm (60 inches), sometimes weighing 18 kg (40 pounds), the amberjack is also quite the fighter.


deep sea fishing cancun
No, we’re not calling you out. It’s another fish that puts up quite a struggle with the fishermen who go up against it. The long mouth and sharp teeth make it a predator of the sea, making it a worthy contender for fishermen from all over.


deep sea fishing cancun
One of the Caribbean’s magnificent billed fish, it is renowned for its unique qualities, including a dorsal fin that resembles the sail on a ship, its length (up to 2 meters), and its fighting instincts. AquaWorld is proud of participating in a catch and release program that allows trappers of the sailfish to tag their sailfish and let it go back to the ocean to be studied further by biologists.


deep sea fishing cancun
Like the previously mentioned wahoo, the barracuda also has a long mouth with pointy teeth. A common fish in the Mexican Caribbean and other nearby areas, barracudas are fun to catch during most of the year.


deep sea fishing cancun
Another long-billed fish that rules the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, the marlin makes its way to Cancun from the Florida area, particularly during the winter months. Now is a perfect time to try and catch and release the beautiful, royal blue marlin.


deep sea fishing cancun
This fish lives really, really deep in the ocean, known to be even 60 meters (200 feet) underwater. Chefs are very fond of this fish because of its texture and flakiness when the grouper is cooked. This creature is the epitome of a great deep sea fishing adventure.


deep sea fishing cancun dolphins
Yes, we’ve seen it canned in supermarkets for many decades, but out at sea the tuna fish provide a great catching experience. When looking for tuna, you might also spot dolphins, as the marine mammals feast on these fish.


Would you like to go catch your favorite fish in the Cancun area? Let us know! We are ready to answer your questions about how you can come experience deep sea fishing in the Mexican Caribbean with AquaWorld