Where to go on Easter vacation on a budget

It is worth mentioning that an excellent destination to visit the beautiful beaches of Mexico is Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean, that is why we are going to share with you where to go on Easter vacation with limited budget in Cancun?

When does Semana Santa begin?

First of all, do you already know when Semana Santa 2019 starts?  Semana Santa is an important period for Mexicans, not only because of its religious importance. If not, also because it is the perfect period to vacation and take a spring break.

This year the official Semana Santa 2019 in Mexico will take place:

April 14, Palm Sunday

April 15 to 19 Holy Week or Holy Days.

April 20, Saturday of Glory.

April 21, Easter Sunday.

Easter vacations on a budget

In our last blog we gave you some tips on what you could spend on a trip to Cancun during Easter, however, you don’t always travel with enough budget and you have to limit yourself. During your vacation we want you to enjoy Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean in a very fun way and without spending too much. We will recommend you beaches, recreational activities, food, archaeological sites and characteristic places of the city that you should visit to feel at home.

Beaches in Cancun.

Among the beaches of Mexico, Cancun and the Riviera Maya are characterized by having one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Playa Maromas, however, any beach you visit in the Mexican Caribbean you can appreciate its beautiful blue tones.

Among the beaches in Cancun’s Hotel Zone we have 3 favorites.

Playa Forum / Gaviotas.

It is arguably the most iconic of Cancun, as it is located in the nightclub area and its access to the beach is on one side of Coco Bongo and Mandala Beach Club. Once you enter the beach you can find beach chairs, beach beds, chairs and umbrellas for rent, the cheapest rent is $150 mxn if you bargain for the price. But we recommend you to walk to your left hand side looking to the sea until you get to the breakwater. Why in that area? Because the breakwater is close by, a small bay is formed and the waves are very gentle so you can enjoy swimming peacefully.

Chac- mool Beach

This beach is located at km 10 of the Hotel Zone, a little ahead of forum. It is well known among the locals and little by little more and more tourists attend this beach made up of a beach of fine white sand and incredible turquoise waters. Due to the fact that it is located in front of the open sea, it is usually very swelly, so it is a challenge to enter the sea, once you pass the area where the waves break, the swell is usually calmer. However you must take your precautions and pay attention to the natural currents of the sea.

Playa Langosta.

This was one of the beaches rebuilt after Hurricane Wilma in 2005, making it an excellent beach for children. It is a beach without waves that has little depth, the maximum depth it has is 1.50 meters. However, inside the sea you will find some preventive buoys which by recommendation you should not cross them, since the depth increases drastically and exceeds 2.0 meters.

All these beaches are public so you don’t have to pay to access. So go to the store and buy some ice cubes, sodas, water, snacks. Dig a hole in the sand to put the ice cubes and your drinks and keep them cool. We remind you that when you leave the beach, clean up and pick up all your garbage!

Archaeological sites.

To visit the archaeological sites you will have to take advantage of your Sunday. As Mexicans we have free entrance to INAH on Sundays so we recommend that day to visit the archaeological sites, don’t forget to bring your INE with you!

One of the Mayan ruins that you must visit is Chichen Itza. To get there you can take ADO, from Cancun to Chichen itza costs $336.00 MXN so it might be a little out of your budget, but in case you go within a 35 minute walk you can also visit the Balankanche caves (Free access on Sundays for Mexicans).

However, in Cancun you can also find some Mayan pyramids. Take a bus to the hotel zone (they charge $12.00 mxn) and get off at the viewpoint or archaeological site “El Rey”. This would be our first stop, “El Rey” is a large esplanade located on the side of the lagoon where you can find some archaeological sites of this culture. Our second stop is located 1.9 km away and it is the Mayan Museum, so you can take a 20 minute walk. Inside the Mayan Museum you will find exhibition rooms with findings of this culture and also the archaeological zone of San Miguelito. Finally, the ruins of “El Meco” are not located in the Hotel Zone, but in Puerto Juarez. So you will have to take the R-1 Pto Juarez. Once you have arrived in Puerto Juarez you will have to take a bus to Punta Sam to get there. The archaeological site “El Meco” is one of the most strategic settlements of the Mayan culture, due to its proximity to Isla Mujeres. In total you will spend about $50.00 mxn in transportation for this tour of archaeological sites in Cancun without having to leave the city.

Characteristic places and Easter food.

We assume that you want to get to know a little bit of Cancun and get away from the excesses that life in the hotel zone can bring you.

If you are looking for shopping malls, we recommend you visit Plaza la Isla & Fashion Harbour at km 12.5 of the hotel zone and Puerto Cancun Marina Town Center (the newest plaza in Cancun) which is located at km 1.5 of the hotel zone, but you won’t miss anything out of the ordinary.

You can also visit the palapa park, where you can eat delicious esquites, corn, tacos and garnachas. The characteristic of this park is that on weekends there are free cultural events for the community. They also offer salsa and bachata classes where they only ask for a small fee. So you can have a little fun and socialize with the people who live in this beautiful tourist destination.

Without further ado, let’s get to the food. Food during Holy Week can be a difficult subject (of course, as long as you are a believer), but “Lonchería El Pocito” is an excellent option for Yucatecan food where you can appreciate the seasonings and flavors of the region. It is open from 8 am to 10 pm, so you can have breakfast, lunch and snacks of Yucatecan delicacies. On the menu you will find relleno negro, papdzules, lomitos, stuffed cheese, lime soup, chicken in pipian, salbutes, panuchos and of course the famous cochinita pibil. Accompanied by handmade tortillas and fresh fruit water.

Recreational activities in Cancun.

Haste this moment we have given you very good options of the places you can visit during Holy Week in Cancun, however we have not talked about the activities you can do and well for that we recommend the following:

Do you want to feel like a professional suffer or at least try? Aquaworld Cancun has for you the FlowRider which is an incredible simulator where you can bodyboard and surf at an incredible price. Another one of our favorite activities that you can enjoy and that you can make the most of is the JungleTour. During the Jungle tour you can take a tour in the lagoon and observe the mangroves, then you can snorkel in the reef (which belongs to the great Mesoamerican reef) and find some statues of the MUSA gallery. An excellent option to get to know part of Cancun’s nature.

However, your trip cannot end until you visit a Cenote. And that is why we recommend you to visit the ecological reserve of Xcacel- xcacelito where you can enjoy the beach but a few meters away you can swim in the fresh water of a cenote.

Xcacel- xcacelito is located 46 km from Playa del Carmen and 20 km before reaching Tulum. The best option to get there is to take the ADO or Playa Express from Cancun to Playa del Carmen (they cost between $70 – $80 mxn) and then a Van from Playa del Carmen to Tulum (they cost $50 mxn), you only have to ask the driver to stop in Xcacel- xcacelito and cross the road with caution.

We hope that with our recommendations you can enjoy your Easter vacation 2019 in Cancun and if you want to plan more activities and book tours in advance contact us with a special price for you at the time of booking on our website.