Activities in Cancun that you cannot miss

Know what are the activities in Cancun that you cannot miss to enjoy with the family and thus have the opportunity to know and explore the wonderful Mexican Caribbean.

To visit Cancun It is not only going to the beach or going fishing. There are many more activities to enjoy in Cancun, from horseback riding, archaeological visits, tours of marine life and museums, as well as shopping with the whole family.


Cancun offers archaeological sites, such as the area of ​​El Rey or El Meco which is a site of the pre-Columbian Mayan culture and is located on the Mexican coast of the Caribbean Sea, you can also find more aqueological places such as Tulúm, the splendor of Chichen Itza, which are some of the most extraordinary places to visit.

Shopping and Gastronomy

Impossible to go through Cancun without taking a souvenir of your stay in the area. The hotel zone offers a wide variety of squares and markets where you can get souvenirs. Aquaworldoffers the tour by Women Island which includes a shopping tour in its downtown area.

More than five hundred restaurants, with the best cuisine in the world, can be found in Cancun. The largest variety of seafood, lobster, and shrimp, but with an openness to options for those who prefer something different. Also for those who want to try the typical dishes of the region.

The nightclubs, with a series of internationally renowned discos, allow you to enjoy nights full of musical shows with the best DJs in the world.

extreme sports

Jump on bugee, jet ski and cave exploration are some of the many activities in Cancun to enjoy in the company of your family if they are looking for adventures and new experiences. Aquaworld offers extreme sports tours such as practicing flyboard and the hoverboard, the most popular activities this summer The family can do exciting activities in Cancun, such as zip lines,jet skis,boat rides, natural cenotes, all-terrain vehicles to remember a unique vacation in Cancun.

Diving and snorkeling, the favorite activities in Cancun

In the list of the best activities in Cancun, you can not miss water sports. As the diving Y snorkel.
Aquaworld offers tours and excursions to Cozumel ,Women Islands,Underwater Museum of Art and the rest of the coastal region.In addition, there are many more options to enjoy the turquoise waters of Cancun such as the parasailing, the sport fishing and the most diverse excursions along the coast by catamaran. Also the possibility of renting, on your own or going on excursions in aprivate yacht to travel the Caribbean Sea and the entire area of ​​Cancun and Islas Mujeres.

Swim with whale sharks, one of the best activities in Cancun

An awesome activity to do would be swim with whale sharks, the largest fish on Earth. These great whale sharks are located around Isla Holbox and Contoy, from May to September.

It is an Aquaworld tour, in which our boat leaves Cancun very early to the aforementioned islands, this is with the intention that tourists can swim with the whale sharks while they rise to the surface to feed on plankton. So you can plan all your activities in Cancun with Aquaworld and enjoy living together as a family.

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