Add some adrenaline to your vacation with the Flyboard and Hoverboard

The Flyboard and Hoverboard are the new hottest activities you can enjoy in Cancun to add some adrenaline to your vacations.

If snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing and the waverunners aren’t enough for you, this activity is a guarantee for some fun in Cancun.

We assure you an action package at Aquaworld Cancun!

Fly above the Nichupte Lagoon and feel the wind in your face as you glide across the water. This activity was invented only a few years ago by Frankie Zapata and we are now excited to offer you the chance to try it in Aquaworld.

We offer Flyboard and Hoverboard, the ultimate activities in Cancun. Both will provide an unforgettable experience during your vacations.

Propel yourself over the water with this unique Flyboard
Full instruction is offered before you commence your 30 minute adrenalin ride so you know how it works.

You will be attached to the Flyboard platform and then the jetpack will provide the water propulsion needed to lift you into the air. As you stabilize and become accustomed to the feel of this unique device, you really will feel like you can fly!

The device is attached to a Waverunner by hoses and the rider will have total freedom to flip and twist through the air. The more experienced users can even dive underwater.
Aquaworld is one of the few extreme sports operators in Cancun and we assure safety, fun and expertly maintained equipment. The activity lasts 15 or 30 minutes but will leave you wanting more!

Of all the activities in Cancun, this has to be the one to write home about!

This Cancun activity is like a combination of water skiing and parasailing rolled into one. Bring out the child in you and fly like Iron Man or glide under the water like a fish. A definite photo opportunity to impress your friends.

Hoverboard: Extreme Sport in Cancun at an excellent price

Hoverboard combines surfing with flying! Think of a skateboard without wheels. Similar to the Flyboard, the Hoverboard uses water propulsion to allow the user to fly 5 meters in the air up to speeds of 40 km per hour.

The Hoverboard is attached by a hose to a Waverunner which follows the user allowing maximum freedom.

What to do in Cancun is not a difficult question when you have Aquaworld to provide a host of exciting adventures all under one roof.

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